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1. They must be Clarus In Ear Monitors


2. They must be Clarus In Ear Monitors


3. They must be Clarus In Ear Monitors

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Cool. Thanks for the opportunity, guys! The three things that set my current favorite headphones apart are:


1) Form factor: They're custom IEM's, very portable and comfortable.

2) Sound (duh): GREAT bass, not too much of it, 'warm'-ish sound signature, clear highs. Actually clear everything...

3) Customer service: I had my customs re-moulded by the original manufacturer, who gave me the same great customer service and warranty as if I'd bought a new set.

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1) Great bang per buck factor.

2) Easy to drive while still sounding nearly ideal.

3) Seemingly tangle-free cloth cable is dreamy coming from tangle-troubled IEMs.

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1) must be fair priced

2) must be clear

3) must have great bass reproduction (which is kind of a tricky point)

4) must be as neutral as possible

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I prefer in order.



1. audio range.  I usually listen to my music on shuffle all albums be it portable or from cpu.  And a can that has the range and clarity to enjoy miles davis  kind of blue to Iron maidens two minutes to midnight  or maybe to tribe called quests buggin out is highly desirable.


2. Comfort.  When I use headphones its for hours at a time, I dislike heavy headphones that cause fatigue or pinch. In the iem category, soarness in the ear canal from poorly fitting tips is a concern ( I have rather small  ears)


3.Durable Construction.  Nothing bothers me more than heaphones that are pricey but poorly made, or durable in the can portion just to have bad cables that short out quickly (hello monster are you listening).  I admit that alot of the elite high end cans and monitors are still out of my price range but at the price range that i consistently buy at I expect decent construction.




Thanks for the contest.

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1. comfort is key, my best headphones are so comfortable i could wear them for hours without even feeling uncomfortable.


2. clarity. i don't want anything lost in the mix


3. wide soundstage. it just gives a sense of wow and elegance compared to something with a narrow soundstage, everything just feels too compressed.

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1. They must be easy to drive


2. I must be able to take them everywhere, portability is vital to me


3. Wide, Detailed, Clear, and "fun" soundstage, Make my music come alive in a way I have never heard it before


Hope I win


Thanks for the opportunity!

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1- I value the fun factor of all headphones as paramount, because if the music can't be enjoyed, who gives a damn about "accuracy"?

2- I love a powerful spectrum of sound, especially when it comes to bass.

3- A little bit of bling when it comes to headphones never hurt anybody, did it? ;) (Okay, maybe Beats users)

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1) Good forward treble

2) Tight bass, not boomy or muddy.

3) Timbre accuracy (especially of the piano, since I mainly listen to piano music).

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Replying and answering the question (although how I answer it doesn't increase/decrease the chances of winning). wink.gif


Uno - The overall sound quality

Dos - The fit

Tres - The level of bass, adequate without being overbearing

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1. Musical quality

2. Comfort

3. Design

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1) Sound Sig. Slight bass and treble emphasis, yet mids hold their own.

2) Comfort. Yes.

3) Warmth/Detail. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.


I just need to get over the nightmares of them breaking.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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My preferences:


1. Realistic mids

2. Silky smooth highs

3. Quick and accurate bass

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1) Detail and resolution

2) Extension

3) Clean bass

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What are the (3) qualities that make your favorite headphone better than others you’ve tried?


1) A soundstage that isn't degraded when the bass levels/response gets pushed to the limit.

2) Comfort factor.  Wearing headphones in full-time fashion requires a light, relaxed, yet clamped fit to maintain audio quality.

3) Build quality.  Once the more electronic-heavy songs get playing, the cans better not start rattling, only vibrating!

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