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Never heard the Studio but I had the regular TMA-1s for some time. The HD25 is definitely the more versatile (and overall better) headphone. I like the sound signature of the DT770 LE more than the HD25, but they are much bigger and therefore less portable...

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Go listen to them EVERYTHING is preference. I prefer the TMA-1's to the HD25 and by a margin, yet some people think the HD25 are better. So who's right? No one. Go listen and make your own mind up. Ever been to a restaurant and gone of the waiters recommendation only to not enjoy what you ordered as much as you expected or was told you were? Exactly the same with headphones. I have made those mistakes in the past with speakers, now I have what I believe is the best I could get for the cash I had. Hope this helps
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off to best buy later today to listen to TMA 1s and TMA 1 studios. Looking for an over the ear to travel with. I sold my Senn 650s because they were to 'dark' Not sure the TMAs will be any different. If I buy the TMA studios, I think I'll add this vModa Orange cable to mod... http://v-moda.com/1-button-speakeasy-cable/

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if buy, maybe this iOS app will smooth things out.. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/eq-10-equalizer-for-ios/id436991303?mt=8

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If you want a headphone that's not too dark, I doubt the TMA-1s or Studios will be for you, but I wish you luck. For what it's worth, I have found that the mic cable that came with my Crossfade LPs works very nicely with the TMA-1.

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A shameless post for my FS post of the TMA-1 Studio biggrin.gif

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The rubber cups look quite good actually.

Remind me of the L-Cush.

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I found the TMA-1 studio to be dark, murky and bass heavy, with the upper mids totally sucked out and no treble to speak of. Other than that, they were fairly close to being non-crappy.

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hahaha. agreed, mine are sold. To me this wasn't the best attempt from AIAIAI

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Got one of these, my quick impressions:


sound is a little congested, the large earpads are way better than the pleather on ears sound-wise. the cable is way too stiff and heavy. I had a small portable cable that fit (has to be very thin to fit past the locking tabs), now these are great portables!

seem very durable, but the rubberized exterior gets scuffed and scratched very easily.


wearing these reminds me of grados because of the earpads shape :)

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I had these for a week and decided to sell them again, they are not for me and ill briefly explain why.


First of all I got these after browsing the web for a while, I was looking for a new pair as I wrecked my beloved ESW9's. In a period of absence of real headphones I used iBeats (HTC urBeats) and borrowed a pair of M50's from a roommate, but required a good pair of cans for mself again.

Since I had been looking at the original TMA-1's when buying the ESW9's years ago, I figured the new Studio version should be more to my liking as the sound signature should be more towards neutral, sounds perfect!


Bought them online for 170 euros which is actually a fine price for these.


After arrival I was stocked, beautiful box and packaging, beautiful headphone design and two different pads to chose from. The cable on these is solid, but quite stiff, works well for home use while plugged into my stereo amplifier, sitting at my desk: the coiled cable works well and extends quite far. Its just a tad heavy for portable use. 
After trying on both the pads to check for fit and sound the foam pads already shed a small snippet of foam from the cup; worries for durability. The foam pads where also not really to my liking as they don't really enclose because of their firmness they don't form to the head very well, on a flat surface they probably isolate well. Trying the pleather pads was a much better experience, much more comfortable and better sound isolation, but resemble much more of an on-ear headphone, very large ones at that. 


The sound itself changes quite a bit when using either the foam pads or the pleather ones. The detail and soundstage on the foam pads was certainly bigger, but with the pleather ones the sound became a bit fuller as lower mids increased but soundstage decreased. I actually prefered the sound of the foam pads, but I couldn't use them because of the bad fit.
In both cases the bass sounds very full and timing is spot on, I didn't experience it as overpowering but well present and quite detailed as well, the mids are a bit recessed and there is a strange hump in the highs. As I mostly listen to EDM and rock music they should sound good with quite different genres, which these definitely didn't do to my liking. For EDM they are perfect! but for rock they where pretty much lacking. I love guitar tones and vocals and especially in that case these cans just sounded like they pushed all the upped mids into the same band of frequencies; like pushing this frequency range through a band pass filter. Over time this started to annoy me as it just didn't sound natural enough to my ears.

I tried to fix it by equalizing but found that the sound just became a bit muddy.


Eventually I ordered a new pair of ESW9's from amazon for the amazingly warm but very natural sound, at almost the same price. At least I now know what I want in my headphones, which is what I had all along. 

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The Young Guru version is worth owning.  Studio version is not.

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

The Young Guru version is worth owning.  Studio version is not.

Thats my impression as well. Even re-bought them recently (the Young Guru version that is). They did change some minor things like cut outs for the cable on the pads. And they are (still) amazingly light. Good to see that the better headband cushion of the YG has made its way into the normal TMA-1 line as well, the Ghostly Edition is well-padded just like the YG (though it uses leather vs. the YGs micro fiber).


Edit: typo

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Me too! I like the Young Guru more than the Studio. The sound is more dynamic.:L3000:

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A few photos of my new TMA-1 Young Guru...





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