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Editing an MP3

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If I were to chop off the ending of a song (say in MP3 format) would it affect the quality of the track? Should I be saving it in a lossless container like FLAC? What programs would be good for this?

What about if I were to chop off the ending of a track (in lossy format) then add a fade effect to the new ending? Would it affect the quality at all? Is theres anything I can do to prevent this quality loss?

This is because I heard if you edit an MP3 then save again as an MP3, theres a loss in quality from re-doing a lossy codec.

Any help is appreciated.

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I believe if you edit a song with something like Audacity you should be able to save it with the same settings and there shouldn't be a drop in quality.


This is based off of my video editing knowledge. I don't have much audio editing knowledge.

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I use Adobe Audition to edit my stuff.

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It's a bad idea to edit from lossy to lossy. MP3 compresses the file, so if you compress an already compressed file you lose fidelity really quickly. Audacity would be my recommendation for editing, the price/performance ratio is incrediblewink_face.gif

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