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silky hair cable please

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French Silk cable for my LCD-3 arrived yesterday. It's 3m - light weight and beautifully made.  Keeping it at the office this week listening to our 2012 Santa Fe Chamber Music radio broadcast series with ALO PanAm.

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Thank you for the kind words.


And if I may, I'd like to say some in return.


During the course of this cable sale, I came to learn that Sotone, in addition to his many other talents, heads up Sotone Recordings ( Sotone offers up a catalog of historical recordings as well as providing LP and tape transfer services.


Quite some years ago, a dear late friend of mine, Allen Greenblatt, who was a professional studio musician had the studio to himself one night and just for fun laid down a short, "countryfied" tribute to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, all the instruments and vocals performed by him through the magic of multitrack recording.


Back in 1991 Allen sent me a copy of it on cassette. However it's been many years since I've owned a cassette deck and the tape has been sitting in my desk drawer ever since. I'd had thoughts of having it transferred to digital a number of times but for one reason or other never got around to it. Now there was no excuse so I sent the cherished tape to Sotone to have it transferred.


My cassette copy was duped from Allen's cassette copy which he recorded from the master tape so my tape was second generation cassette. Hardly the absolute in terms of quality. But Sotone was able to extract every last bit that little cassette of mine had to offer and given the inherent limitations, it sounds fantastic.


Allen passed away before the Internet came on the scene (we came to know each other on a popular dial-up computer bulletin board system I was technical director for, The Audiophile Network) and I'm sure that rather than his bit of fun being lost to the world, he'd like to see it shared with others.


So without any further ado, and with very special thanks to Sotone Recordings, here it is, Allen's Country Staar-Way to Heav'n:


(it was transferred to full resolution 16/44 but to save bandwidth, this is the 320k MP3 version)


Rest in peace my friend.




(Allen's graphic "signature" from the cassette liner)



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That's a lovely story.

I'm not normally a fan of country - but this one brought a big smile to my face. Knowing the story behind it and imagining Allen doing all the various tracks - and having fun in an empty recording studio by himself late one night - well, that makes it all the more enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing the track, and the memory.

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Thank you, Pudu.


Can't say I'm any sort of country fan either (though there's usually at least something in most every genre that I like) but in the right context and in just the right dose, it can be entertaining. biggrin.gif



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That might be the only country track that's ever brightened my day.

On the other hand, some French silk has been making me smile for the past week or so.

Though I'm thinking I should have gone with the red/green interweave.
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Originally Posted by Pudu View Post

Though I'm thinking I should have gone with the red/green interweave.


I love Red Green!






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He'll always be 1/2 of Smith & Smith to me (though I approve of his dress sense).
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Red Green, the king of duct tape!

Steve is a cool guy, driving hot cars like his Viper around Hamilton

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He drives a Viper? Don't know why, but that's a pretty funny image.

That's awesome!
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My French Silks arrived today 

Thanks Steve. They're as beautiful as a cable can be atsmile.gif


I'll on sonics once they've run in a bit

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Originally Posted by Pudu View Post

He drives a Viper? Don't know why, but that's a pretty funny image.
That's awesome!


Steve "Q" Eddy might drive a Viper ...


I was talking about Steve "Red Green" Smith

He's not exactly his TV persona in real life

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Yes I understood you meant Mr. Smith - which is what makes the image enjoyable.

As far as I know, from my ill founded preconception of Mr. S Eddy, he drives around town in one of these:

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Now that's a set of hot wheels

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Recently purchased my Q cable from Steve (was emailing you about my L/R mix up problems) and can vouch for its quality. So much more comfortable and durable than the stock cables. Thanks again Steve!

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