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Reshelling - Australia

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Has anyone used Unique Melody AUS to reshell an IEM?
If so, what price?
There website states starting from $200 but other sites/forums have indicated it being $80 and more for cables?


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I'd like to know too. I've ordered from them before but not for a reshell. I assume it's $200 if you want to keep your existing cable and socket but would be more if you want UM cable and socket? $80 sounds a bit steep for just that though..

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Yes, I have used them.


$220 is for the reshell itself + shipping and insurance to UMLab and back to you.



$45 for a new cable

$45 for impressions (add an extra $20 for shipping if you live outside of Melbourne areas).

$110 if you want to upgrade to more drivers ($110 per driver pair).

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Getting a bit expensive at that point haha.geez.

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Do they reshell other company's customs as well?

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Originally Posted by redvanilla View Post

Do they reshell other company's customs as well?

Yeah,i have the same question.I sent them an email but haven't received any reply.

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subscribing for future purposes...

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