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Thank you for your interesting answer, Pasquale.


I, for one, turn it on and off with the headphones plugged in BUT with the stepped attenuator at its minimum volume position.  I certainly wouldn't recommend plugging or unplugging the headphones while the amp is on with single-ended connections.


Balanced connections should allow you to do that (I guess, I'm even not sure) but single-ended ones cause a short-circuit in the amp while plugging and unplugging.  With a fairly low impedance output amp like the Soloist, I suspect it really could damage it ...


Thank you once more for exposing your point of view, always interesting to share information !

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Soloist isn't a B22.  No need to turn off the amp or reduce the input.  The entire purpose of having relay driven outputs is to be able to seamlessly switch to pre-out or headphone.

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Ok, I just prefer to make sure.


Page 4 in the Soloist manual:

"Inputs and outputs can be safely connected to the Burson Soloist when its AC power is switched off."


For me, the relays (cause I know there are some inside the Soloist, you can even hear them click - as usual) don't allow you to plug or unplug the phones while the unit is on.  They are there for other reasons (input selection, gain selection) while avoiding to rely on simple switches (which is never a good idea as soon as we deal with a "power" circuit as opposed to a mere "signal" circuit).


But it's true there is also a relay for switching between pre-amp and headphones amp mode, so maybe there is no danger at all when (un)plugging the headphones while the Soloist is on.


Just my 2 cents, sorry if I'm wrong somewhere ... but I prefer to do everything the safest way possible, even if it is not mandatory.  Better safe than sorry, they say :)

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Nothing safe about turning devices on and off.  The only amp that can blow from a short that lasts a good long time is the B22.  And even then you have to try really hard to get it to blow.


The rear jacks of the Soloist have high enough output impedance to sustain a short and the front jack switches off when the first contact is broken so no risk there.


But if you really want to be safe, leave it on connected to surge protection and only allow it to cycle during outages.  Constantly blasting it with inrush current is bad.  Constantly heat cycling it... bad.  

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Thank you Solude :)


You taught me several things there !

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Does anyone here care to offer their impressions of the Soloist compared to a GS-1?  say...on  a LCD2 / T1 / HD800?


Been hunting around for a used GS1 to test out, but maybe I'll just try the Soloist instead.

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Very similar circuit and resulting sound.  When I had both in house, I preferred the Soloist though on a different DAC than I have now.

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Fellow soloist owners, I need your input. I need a new dac to pair with the soloist. It is currently mated to a shiit bifrost, but i would much prefer the bifrost stay permanently hooked to the lyr.

Contenders are:
Yulong D18

This will likely be a blind (deaf?) purchase as there is nowhere I can audition these. Budget is 1.5k US and under. Balanced-out option not necessary but would be a plus, just in case. smily_headphones1.gif

Penny for your thoughts? Cheers!
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Metrum Octave MkII w/ USB

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Thanks solude! Im going to research australian distributors now.

Looking to decide soon. smily_headphones1.gif
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My understanding is the M51 is cheapest in Aus for some reason so worth a listen too.

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Originally Posted by Solude View Post

My understanding is the M51 is cheapest in Aus for some reason so worth a listen too.


It is $1499 AU retail, which translates to about $1550 US. Hopefully it stays that way. rolleyes.gif

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Originally Posted by NZheadcase View Post


It is $1499 AU retail, which translates to about $1550 US. Hopefully it stays that way. rolleyes.gif

Except it sells for $2000 in the US.  Not sure why there's such a large price discrepancy.  Perhaps they think Austrailians are less spendy in general than Americans.


Also, I've become very interested in the full size soloist after getting to hear the Soloist SL with my HD800 at a recent meet.  Even the smaller soloist seems to have better synergy with the HD800 than my current amp.  Wondering how much improvement the full size Soloist would be.  I would have to sell either my Nuwave or Concero to afford it though.  

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The difference is features and half the output devices.  Also a slightly smaller power supply but with less output devices... splitting hairs.  Sound wise on paper it should be a little slower which depending on the source could be a blessing or a bottleneck.  Smooth out a rough source, and conversely gloss over detail on a great one.


If you can swing the full model, do it.  Also remember that most Burson dealers will give you 20%+ discounts if you ask.

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Hello all,


I recently purchased the Burson Soloist as an amp for my LCD-2.  I love the sound that comes out of this.  Very clean and handles the LCD-2 even on high volumes (I listen to music pretty loud).  I used to just having my portable rig, rx mk3-b and CLAS, powering my LCD-2 and I am now looking to build my desktop rig.  With the Soloist alone connected to my iPod, I find the LCD-2 very lovely but I know I can still benefit from adding a DAC to my system. So I am now in search of a good DAC to pair with the Soloist.  Can I get your thoughts on what DACs you used with the Soloist, budget is < $1000.  My listening preference is Rap, R&B, Acoustic and sometimes classical.


Thank you in advance.

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