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LD MK i+ vs EF-2A for Grado SR125i

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Hi, this is my first post. I found this forum in my search for a desktop amp. I was thinking it would be nice to buy something off the classifieds, but then further research narrowed the preferences to a couple of amps that may not be listed currently, namely the Little Dot MK i+ and the HiFiMan EF-2A. Recommendations are all over the map, but these are among them and they are affordable. Of course, I'm still open to suggestions, or used offerings of higher end products. I like the idea of having a DAC with the EF-2A.


In terms of sound, I like the forward midrange and smooth highs of my SR125is. In fact, when I listened to higher end Grados in the store, I found them too bright, with the GS-1000 an earful to get used to, like breaking glass. I listen to jazz, rock (white stripes, audioslave), some bluegrass, and downtempo electronic, especially with female vocals. 





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The Little Dot 1+ is the amp that is said to pair well with Grados, not the MK+, which is a portable I believe. Both the EF2A and the Little Dot 1+ are hybrid designs, so they will be great for your 125's. I've never been able to hear the 1+, but I can recommend the EF2A. The DAC on the EF2A isn't the cleanest out there, but unless you have a nice soundcard already, you will appreciate the difference. Although Hifiman has fixed the channel imbalance issue with the EF2A, there is still way too much gain for low impedance phones. I can't even go past 8 o'clock with my MS2i's with my software volume maxed. Despite this inconvenience, once you find the sweet spot with the volume knob, you should notice a fuller sound with more body, especially in the bass department. The differences won't be night and day, but then again when are they? If you end up with either the EF2A or Little Dot 1+, you might do search for tube rolling guides, as the stock tubes on both units are said to be cheap.

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You're right, I'm talking about the 1+. I'm still at the bottom of the learning curve.


And the plot thickens:



This looks like a good option too.


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