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For Sale: Audio-GD Reference 7

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For Sale:
Audio-GD Reference 7

Will Ship To: CONUS, will consider outside US

Audio Gd Reference 7 in excellent condition, no scratches.  Original retail was 1750 before shipping and import duty. This is an outstanding DAC. It uses 8 PCM1704UK chips and has a variable input selector on the front. I thought about upgrading it to the 7.1 but Kingwa said the difference in sound wasn't that much, only the analog output sections were improved. Will post pictures tomorrow but it looks almost identical to the 7.1. It is too bad that Audio Gd changed it's website so you can no longer access previous models. Reason for selling is that I decided I want to do some traveling and the extra funds would be helpful.

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which dsp does it have , and does it come w. usb ?

what inputs and outputs does it provide on what connections ?




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did you sell the audio dg ref 7.1?



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