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my AKG K550 arrived today!

Originaly i ordered K550 but i got K550mk2 , don't know if its a good thing or bad thing ...  is there a difference between k550 and k550mk2 anyway?


First impressions are good,  light but solid construction, nice industrial looks, high quality synthetic leather pads and it feels nice on the head.

Soundwise its too soon to speak but i can say AKG K550mk2 sounds delightful , very pleasant and easy on ears.


I listen to them  for 6 hours now , all kind of music genders ... and i think its not an all-around headphone.

It sounds good with acoustic music , jazz...  where instruments actually touched the real air...


hmm , i am doubtful about lowend, in one hand i like this dry articulated accurate bass , it doesn't leak to mids.

But then it doesn't have a punch a bite to it , bass is lean and being polite ...


Mids are refreshingly light yet rich and warm, theres depth to the sound , mids have nice body but theres not so much weight, very airy ...

Plenty of details ...


Highs are fine, i was afraid for this price , a mid-fi headphone will sound artificial  and highs will have a plastic feeling , but highs are fine ... 


my pair is brand new and only got 6 hours on them so far , i am very curious how this headphone going to burn in )

i already hear mids coming alive out of the foggggg and bass goes deeper...



by the way , cool soundstage and openess for a closed back headphone!

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The bass does tend to be more present as the headphones break in, but they really need a little extra power to get good bass slam. My E18 sounds great with them, but if I plug them directly into a computer there's barely any bass. Asgard 2 sounds ridiculously good with them. The wide soundstage is certainly their greatest feat as a closed back.

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First of all, K550 MK2... WTF?

I thought that's what the K553 was. DO TELL MORE.

Second, of all my headphones, the K550 is the only pair where I did notice a change in sound after using them for a while. I think it was after about 100hrs. It's a very polarizing topic, but something did change for the better and it wasn't my brain or ears.
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Personally i have no doubt that headphones sonic characteristic change during burn in.  I notice changes in all my headphones , speakers , dacs and amps , even cables. For me burn in exist.   I know some say otherwise , and claim it to be a psychological placebo effect , but i don't care for that , i trust my own ears!


Even now as i write this post i hear how my K550 mk2   after i left them with some jazz on over night , got tighter bass , more clean and prominent mids , now sound is more dynamic , and it was only 20 hours more or less ...


Secondly , yeah mk2 , i looked it up on the net and i couldn't find any info about  k550 mk2 , hmmm am i the only one who have k550mk2 ? ))


i wrote a mail to akg here in sweden , and asked about mk2 version , now i am waiting for their reply...


heres a pic , sorry for bad quality, its taken with my iPhone ...


well , all and all ... its an enjoyable headphone , i like its character  , sound so effortless, light and clean ... very refreshing.



I run K550mk2   on my home system : macbook pro retina SSD > hiface evo ( usb to spdif converter) > Hegel HD20 > beyerdynamic A1  and it sounds cool )

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i got mail from AKG today.   They confirm there is a K550mk2 , according to them its an upgraded k550...

hmm cool

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