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Even though I have other FiiO devices, the E10 and X3, I still use my E11 very often. It seems to have the deepest bass boost of them all. It goes quite well with my K550s but better with my Audio Technica ATH-AD700s. They are open back and in my opinion, they are really good at everything other than the weight to the deep bass notes.

One thing the E11 helps the K550s with is the midrange. I think the midrange on the K550s without any bass added sounds clear but extremely thin. This seems strange because they have quite a lot more bass than my AD700s. The midrange on my AD700s sounds a little warmer. Using the E11 with my K550s though adds even more bass, too much at times but it makes the midrange sound a little better to me.

Even though I think the E11 is quite a basic amplifier, I still think it improves a lot of the sound. Even the treble stands out more, especially when it is on high gain.

I had a lot of time for it as a portable amp, it was so small and light. Ive since upgraded to the e18 which sounds good but is a but of a behemoth to take out and about.