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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

K550 are comfy at 2-3 on each side. The mention of a setting of 8 blew my mind! Maybe my head isn't so big after all.


U have the tiniest head on earth ! :L3000: Using 8

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Originally Posted by aristidesfl View Post

What a frankenstein 

more like edwards leather head

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Originally Posted by Crzomgwtf View Post

U have the tiniest head on earth ! L3000.gif  Using 8

Nah, mine's similarly small. Headband bending "mod" and setting 2 is good for me. Maybe 3 if I'm wearing a cap.
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here's mine with a detachable cable mod

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I set it at the second interval.

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I've had these for a couple of days now. Used pair. so burn in should not be an issue. I have kind of mixed feelings about these... I get a good seal, bass is good. I like that there is no extra midbass hump. Extension is great and bass sounds linear.  Mids are somewhat disappointing... To my ears these sound kind of thin and lifeless. Pretty similar to k701. I hoped these had been more like on k501. I loved that organic lushnes.  On the other hand these definately lack some clarity. At the first listen clarity is what is the most impressing trait of these headphones but after a while, and after comparing to higher end stuff it is quite obvious these are lacking in both transparency and clarity. At 100-200 euro range it is perfectly understandable but these leave me wanting so bad I can't really compliment the mids.


I can definately hear the tizzyness with the highs some people have talked about. Kind of annoying and with that cymbals loose alot of detail. the Imaging is excellent but soundstage is kind of meh... Definately better than on average closed can but I don't quite understand what the all fuzz was about. These can barely compete with soundstage of cheaper Takstar pro80, more expensive w1000x has these beat by quite a margin...not to mention more expensive jvc dx1000. Soundstage is good, or average depending on how you look at it. Something that closed headphone needs to have these days.


At this moment I am mostly impressed about the build quality, comfort and isolation. For the current price these are definately good, not great and I am bit on a fence if to keep or sell these.

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so many variablenjoys. So In your humble opinion......e
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Originally Posted by Crzomgwtf View Post

U have the tiniest head on earth ! L3000.gif  Using 8
OMG I use mine on 0!!!😲
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Just picked up a pair of these from Amazon warehouse the other day. I thought I'd have fit issues because I've always considered my head small but they fit comfortably on 2-3. Haven't decided what I like better yet. Tried on a pair at best buy and they seemed too big even on 0 but maybe they were just stretched out.

On the other hand they've been out of the box for a few days now and the smell hasn't gone away yet it's very very strong.
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The smell will go away in around a month, no worries! I like the smell tho actually ROFL

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OK, I will be the first to admit that I am using 12...

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So did some Grado style driver modding to my K550's mods are easily reversed and make these cans warmer and more full bodied... I got my pair cheap so I wasn't too worried about ruining them...


First I switched to Alpha Pads. Comfort and isolation +5


HOWEVER there is some bass loss, and these cans cant really get away with that so...


Like a butcher ripped off the pads, opened up the enclosure and looked around... At the top of the driver (the part that would have been pointed to the headband is a little foam piece adhered to the membrane surrounding the back of the driver... I peeled this bad boy off and got a sharp knife and cut out the hole underneath (to reverse stick the adhesive foam back over it) you MUST BE VERY CAREFUL to not cut or poke a hole in the actual driver medium... the goal here is to vent not kill)


This added a sense of fullness that was missing with the Alpha Pads...  NOW tuning!


If this mod is too bassy or loose... add sound deadening to the cup... making sure to add even amounts in the same places to avoid imbalance... if you hate it turn around and STICK THE ADHESIVE BACK ON AND PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED!


IF there is too much treble for you, do the t-shirt mod... cut 2 chunks of fabric and insert them between the pad and driver, the goal is to take the edge off the treble... any material will work, but only a few sound good... avoid thick materials, try not to go much thicker then a super cheap cotton shirt to avoid sounding muffled or veiled...


This is what happens when I get bored... things get messed with lol


if anyone is interested I can post pics.



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Originally Posted by SWLIU View Post

OK, I will be the first to admit that I am using 12...


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I have no idea why we're talking about this...but I'm using 8.


And according to bicycle helmet size, I have a medium-sized head.

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How are these headphones for metal? I will be buying my first 'good' set of headphones, and I really like these. Currently I own Monster Diesel Vektrs, which are very muddy and bassy. They sound OK, but on some songs the mids and highs are completely drowned out by the lows. I have heard the K550 is bright, but will someone like me really notice it that much over the increase in general sound quality? Some bands I listen to include Tool, Bolt Thrower, Electric Wizard, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Opeth, and Mastodon.

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