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Originally Posted by sludgeogre View Post

Congrats! They were my first audiophile grade headphone as well and they certainly blew me away.

They are very efficient headphones, though. I used to have a Vali that I used with my K550, but I couldn't handle the microphonics. If you touch the Vali at all with the K550 plugged in, you'll hear tube ringing for quite a while. It can even be bothersome on very quiet recordings, even with the Vali totally still. I would recommend the Magni over the Vali for sure. If you want to get tube sound through the K550, you might have to look elsewhere. I can say that Modi/Magni/K550 is an incredible step up in clarity over PC audio.

Thanks for the advice! The magni was my first choice until I was intrigued by the tube sound as I prefer tube amps for instruments. I shall begin with the magni and explore tubes down the road.

That said, the headphones already blow my gaming headset out of the water...I'm excited to see what the addition of the schiit stack does for them!
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You're welcome, glad I could help. Please let us know what you think of the sound when you get your Schiit stack!

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I certainly will!
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Originally Posted by MLandreth View Post

Hey everybody!

First poster and audiophile noob here. I just got my K550s a few days ago as my first higher end headphones. I was a bit worried about the fitting issues as I've got a fairly small head, but seem to have gotten lucky as they fit quite well (on the smallest setting)! I'm getting solid sound with nice accurate bass.

I use them through my PC for mostly classical music, studio recordings of my own bands and games/movies and am quite happy with the results.

I know they don't NEED it, but I'm considering pairing them with a Schiit Modi/Vali combo...thoughts?

I would second the Modi/Magni/550 combo as an upgrade over straight PC audio. You will be impressed with the difference.

Be careful though, this is just the entry level. Your wallet may be much thinner in the future if you're bitten by the sound quality potential.
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I'd be lying if I said I hadn't spent at least one night looking up new toys and flinching at prices LOL

That said, I'm very pleased with the sound I'm getting out of the K550s as is so I'm confident that the boost I get from the Schiit stack will keep me happy for a good while.

Can't wait!
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I have an Audinst HUD-MX1 and an SMSL sApII amp, for not much more (~$230), and I think it sounds fantastic.  I always had issues with slight computer noises coming through Schiit stuff I tried, although it appears that this is an isolated issue.  A lot of people are very satisfied with Schiit.

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Well, one of the kids finally did it. The cable on my K550 is nearly destroyed. The headphone still works but the inner cable is showing through the outer sheath. I've checked out BTG and I'm still waiting to hear back from AKG about a possible repair. I really like the stock AKG cable though.

Does anybody have any re-cable advice/experience to share?
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