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But better with the Calyx M right? Just say yes as I need an excuse to finally get this!!

I only demo'd the ak240 with the M for 30 minutes. I would have had to have spent more time with the AK240 vs the M (FW1.0) to really decide, but I probably would have taken the M at the time.


With FW1.01 on the M + Lab 1 I am at endgame.


............and surely you don't disclose ALL of these purchases with the missus :gs1000smile: . Nowadays my AK120 and Fitear Parterre get no ear time so time to let them go, but I can't think of any other iem's that would get ear time vs the Lab 1 that would have synergy with the M. I could use the money to invest in some decent full sized cans and an amp but can't really go under the radar with the missus with a pair of full sized cans on my head. I would also need the desktop setup to rival the SQ of the M + Lab 1. oh well, first world problems.