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You nailed it! That is a much better way of describing the experience!
I think one of the other things about these phones is that we are all pretty much having the same experience and it seems far more emotionally involving than other phones that we describe.. Which after all is the desired result of good quality playback equipment eh!

Sprit of Eden is showing as en-route so should be here in the next couple of days (it shipped from England) I have been on a bit of a CD buying splurge once again due to these phones, Just got another Melody Gardot album, also a Linn recordings of Barb Junger, an homage album to Nina simone, Gild Goldsteins Under Rousseau's moon and just ordered last night a Canadian artist called Anne Bisson whom I heard through the AVshowrooms excellent site which contains video reviews of high end equipment. Beautifully recorded but not just an audiophile disc, she has a wonderful voice I feel!

Check this one out!
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Some more pictures, feel free to use them if you think they are good enough.

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Use the rule of third. Those pics will be more captive then.

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Originally Posted by psygeist View Post

Use the rule of third. Those pics will be more captive then.

Thanks for that, could you possibly edit one to show me what you mean, I love learning new stuff!
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Great impressions, Ian. I am in Hong Kong and missing my PF IX (There is no real quiet time here so no point bringing them.)


Today I hope to hear the FI-BA-SS, Heaven IV and PF X. We will see what Jaben has available. In theory, I may be looking eventuially to get a universal isolating IEM that will give me some of what I love in the PF IX. Actually since I shortened the tips, my ES5 has a new lease on life; they are quite comfortable and there is certainly no complaint with the sound quality. Still I am excited by what Final Audio might bring to the table.


Yesterday I bought the Sony Hybrid Tips at the Sony Store in Causeway Bay so I am well armed to experiment.  :-)


I especially like second picture above.

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Hey Paul, I am really looking forward to your thoughts on the SS as well as the others. If I could get something that isolates but sounds like the IX's I would jump on them! Safe travels and have fun!
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Originally Posted by psygeist View Post

Here are few links for your reference. It's quite the fun:

Thats really kind of you, i will go have a look!
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Just my unsolicited 2 cents.


Picture 1: I really like the shadow and blurry background on this one. Consider moving the PFIX to the left side of the shot more, and possibly a wide angle, capturing the right space more.


Picture 2: I like this shot. Looks Giger-y with the cables and metal. Also love the recursive reflections going on between the two surfaces. I'd consider cropping it a bit on the top and bottom just to make the shot a little less boxy looking, but that's just me.


Picture 3: My second favorite. I like the weight of the piece from the captured surface, like one is walking up to this giant structure. Like the color you achieved in the shot, as well as that brilliant reflection too. I think the placement for this works well: it should be centered like that given the way you've set it up here. Ignore any kind of rule of thirds for this one.


Picture 4: I like the way you're getting these PFIX to look like things other than earphones. This one looks like some kind of rocket booster or alien engine or something. The framing is too boxy however. I'd consider cutting out most of the above part of the frame so that the two openings of the "structure" are higher up in the composition, perhaps extending the foreground surface slightly so that it's more of a lead-up to them. Alternatively, you may want to try some more dynamic angles and asymmetry, positioning one of the earphones going in the opposite direction or off to the side, so long as you keep one of them facing forward with the bore toward the viewer.

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Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate all the help. I am going to have a go at taking some more shots today observing the new info.
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hope u managed to try out the piano forte X...i tried them yesterday i was literally blown away...simply put away the FI-BA-SS & piano forte IX and spent a good 30-45mins on the piano forte X...suddenly i want this set of earphones so badly...very engaging and unique sounding earphones and designed so beautifully.


one really has to hear, see and feel them to truly appreciate them.



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Yes, I heard the PF X.


I just don't have time to even begin to describe my day. I go back tomorrow to spend a lot more time with the TG334. I don't want to hear the PF X again. I pretty much figured it out. That is one weird-ass stupid headphone. And I can't afford to buy it right now.

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My wallet thanks my base metal allergies that I cannot even consider the other piano forte models, thank goodness for stainless steel!
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Ianmedium --- Nice photos! — the third one in particular looks great. Have listened to the Anne Bisson album on Spotify and it's got some very nice tracks (most quite a bit nicer than the one on YouTube, IMO). And yes, the recording is superb.

Cooperpwc --- Have you had a chance to try the FI-BA-SS yet?

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Paul, very much looking forward to your more detailed thoughts on the X, Amazing it can sound so different as the only difference is the metal case, just goes to show eh!
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