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What a beautiful and inspired writing!



And by dry, I do mean clean. You can hear the string vibrating on the upright bass. The information in the bass note is not glossed together by the tone of the bass. All the timbre is there. You can hear the dry wooden voice-box and the reverb as the sound leaves the F-holes. And that bass is so delicious. Clean, yet meaty, and perfect. Carrying emotion with it. There's so much more to the bass than any other phone I have. 

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Originally Posted by spkrs01 View Post

Interestingly or perhaps really warped, the word that strikes a cord with me when listening to the IX, and I use this as an analogy is "Chalk"....


Listening to the IX brings fond memories of school for me, now that is a long time ago! Chalk on a blackboard as oppose to markers on a white board. With both writing tools, one can obviously read what is written. I just find most IEMs to sound like markers on a whiteboard, etched out clean and clear, defined! 


However, listening to the IX is like reading chalk on a blackboard. So much more character. The writing is still perfectly legible but it is not etched out. As one writes with chalk, powder is dispelled into the atmosphere and fuses with the powder already present making a coherent layer of chalk powder hanging/floating around the black board. 


The IX presents music like the above, there is just so much more depth and harmonic detailing. How the images interacts with each other in the sound space that draws me away from the technicalities but into the fabric of music itself.......

Great comparison. You mentionned to me some proximity between PFIX and SE5. Do you still think so ?

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Wonderful descriptions chaps!
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Hi guys, i'm in the project of gathering reviews for Final Audio PF series, the reason was during few weeks ago, i was explaining to my friend about the story and concept of FAD PF series, sort of convincing him to take the plunge for PF series (He is a vocal lover), too bad i couldn't let him try out the PFVIII that i am currently using (We both live far away from each other).

After a few days of research, he went for JH 13, mainly because he told me there aren't much information/reviews about PF series in google search compares with JH13.

Motivated by this and wish to share this gem with everyone who's not familiar with FAD, hereby i'm asking the permission, whether the user of FAD PF series in Head-fi.org able to write up a review? So we can fill up information in google search, as Head-fi forum always the top ranking.


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A beautiful track, and the PF IXs doing… er… their thang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAoLuE-xDlI

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A quick note as I don't have too much time to type. I think the PF's have ruined my speaker system for me, at least for hifi 'music'. I just listened to a favourite track of mine on the speakers, and it was off - compared to how the PF's render the track. Speed, detail, timing, and timbre were just ... not... the same. Sigh...

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Until recently, my HD800s had been getting most of my ear-time, but the PF IXs (& 1601SS) have been quietly and gradually giving my Senns a serious run for their money in the attention department.


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Just here to heap some more praise on the Heaven VI. 


I stupidly listed them for sale and quickly rethought that. They are a really great value, and beautiful to boot. I think they run circles around my ES5 in so many ways. I'll keep this that short. 

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Originally Posted by SoundFreaq View Post

Just hear to heap some more praise on the Heaven VI. 


I stupidly listed them for sale and quickly rethought that. They are a really great value, and beautiful to boot. I think they run circles around my ES5 in so many ways. I'll keep this that short. 


No small praise that.

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Originally Posted by Nesta View Post



What about in a noisy trading floor office environment? 




 Also, are the IX's easy to remove so if I have to respond to a co-worker, I do not give in impression of being rude by not taking off the 'earbuds'?


Any noisy environment would have me wanting to put the IX's aside for use later - in a quiet environment - and walking about with them on would be risky - they don't stay put in your ears the way a typical IEM does, so yes, they are very easy to remove, but they're heavy and you will find yourself wanting to set them down rather than dangling them from their cords - believe me.
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Fit can be hit or miss with the PFs and, to make matters worse, you have no tips to choose from, though things can still be done to try and get a better / more secure fit (eg wearing these with the cable over the ears). I'm personally quite lucky because in my case my PF IXs stay put — I can shake my head vigorously and the earpieces just won't fall out of my ears. But, IIRC, MuppetFace has had difficulty with the PF's fit and Ianmedium has reported having to be rather careful and not move his head much as one (or is it both?) of the earpieces may easily slip out; I believe cooperpwc seems to have no issues like me. It'd be interesting to hear about others' fit issues or lack thereof.

This has been mentioned before, but perhaps worth repeating: The are several aspects people should bear in mind when considering getting a pair of PFs, apart from the often discussed sonics:


  • practically zero isolation
  • a fixed cable
  • no strain reliefs at the housings
  • possible fit issues
  • a longer cable (1.4m / 56'') than the standard length for universals (1.2m / 48").
  • very heavy earpieces


That said, here's a few things, apart from the actual sonics and design, that I love about the PFs:


  • cable is absolutely non-microphonic, very flexible and, why not say it, very smart-looking.
  • In my case I prefer the longer PF's 1.4m cable as that also allows me to use my desktop amp if I wish to and have plenty of room to move about without the need of a cable expension.
  • Have always preferred a right-angled plug like the one on the PFs (aka 1602s) over the straight one found on the 1601s (and other IEMs).
  • And a KEY aspect for me: how incredibly natural and comfortable the PFs feel in my ears after just a few minutes with them, allowing my ears to breathe and, as a result, among other things, getting less earwax when used frequently for long listening sessions.
  • Much like my open-back HD800s, I prefer to be fairly aware of my surroundings (hear the phone ring, the doorbell, people talking to me), so in that sense the PF's almost complete lack of isolation is a huge added bonus for me.

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Hello All, 


Kindly ask if any of you have tried to use PF series pairing with ALO Pan AM or International? 

My DAP is AK100


I read Ianmedium with his portable Tube amp, and it inspires me to find out about tube amps to match.



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A few days ago I happened upon a pair of 'new demo' FI-DC1601SC in Hong Kong at DMA-Audio. The frustrating part is that I will be travelling for most of the next week and, as a practical matter, they won't be going with me.


It may be some time before I start posting proper impressions.


What I will say for now is that I am having a hard time taking these out of my ears. The word that comes to mind is grace. The 1601SC is more subtle than the 1602X-CC but I think that some of what is going on in the sound stage is quite special. It will require a lot more listening to properly describe.

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^^   Would love to try the 1601SC, but let's just say the 1601SS is not bad at all, and that I have no plans for my pair to find a new home in the foreseeable future.

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Hi guys,

I have a question

The driver between piano forte viii - ix - x
They use the same driver just different housing material?
Or they use different drivers?

Sorry for my newbie question, i read a lot articles about them and no one tell about the driver they use smily_headphones1.gif

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english
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