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Headphones in bed?

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I spend quite a bit of time listening to my rig in bed but find it quite uncomfortable on my side as the pressure from the pillow onto the headphone pushes into my head.
I have looked online for a solution but there is nothing so I'm thinking of getting a foam pillow and cutting a headphone sized dip into it.

Has anyone done this? And do others have the same problems? Or is there some other solution you have come up with?
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custom in-ear monitors :D

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If you can find me some Iem that sound like my t1 for the price of a pillow I will give you a gold star
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Have you tried not sleeping by your side?


I listen in bed often with my Shure SE530 or Sony EX700 but lie flat to avoid putting any pressure on the phones. I understand this position may not be comfortable for some people though....

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Yeah, i wouldn't kick my JH13's out of bed, so x2 for customs in bed.

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A low-profile IEM or go custom (they don't get much lower-profile than custom. I use my Heir Audio 4.A's in bed all the time.


It also helps to have a thick, soft pillow.

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I always listen to music in bed with full size headphones, I just lie on my back. I always sleep on my side, but I find it odd listening to music sideways...

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Ive been wearing my sennheiser mm100 in bed. They are bluetooth so I can roll around and not strangle myself, but the band goes around the back of your ear so I have pretty good ear bruises. But i cant sleep without them.. Ear bruises vs. no sleep... Hmm
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I can't listen to my customs in bed unless I place my head carefully in a way that I don't lose my seal, so don't assume customs will solve the problem.

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Customs are extremely uncomfortable if you sleep with the side of your head on the pillow. The most comfortable IEM's I've found for sleeping were the Shure SE535's. My Westone 4's aren't too bad either, but the cable is so thin, I worry I may damage it, since I roll around alot when I sleep. This wasn't a concern with the Shure SE535's though, because their cable is so thick. It's almost like a rope. lol.

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I agree that customs are terrible for sleeping on your side. My UE700's before they were reshelled were amazing for bed. You could barely feel they were there even on your side.

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everyone's heads and ears are different, so its kind of a personal thing i guess. Or you know... just sleep on your back or front :)

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i never wake up with my pair on my head although i sleep in a mummy postition, they are always at my side by freak chance. maybe i should use constraints to help me avoid moving my head...

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I use the fairly big Shure 840's in bed and while find them ok my ears can get pretty sore after awhile, would love some awesome IEM's that sound good to use in bed and for cycling. I think every review from now should have a comfort section for laying on your side in bed xD.

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I have the same problems with my Sony Ex1000 cool.gif

but listening to music in bed all way sounds best 

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