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For Sale: Hisoundaudio Live earbuds

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For Sale:
Hisoundaudio Live earbuds

Will Ship To: Anywhere



The above earbuds are up for sale. They are in excellent condition and have only around 20 hours use. I
Bought them for a fellow head'fier in April and they were privously purchased new in February.
They sound fantastic ... But I need some IEM's for my travels. The price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Included with the earbuds is the Case & bag with extra forms and shirt clip

Thanks for looking and pm if interested.
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For Sale: £40 (GBP)
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I saw that you're also selling PK2s, so I guess you could help me compare them ^^

I'm looking for an alternative to my good ole PK2s with more present low end, since bass tends to sound recessed in a noisy environment.


Would you say that Lives have a deeper, more forward sounding low end than PK2 ?

I'm not a bass head, I want bass to be in it's own place and not lose the mids details and clarity, I just want a more balanced sound (less treble oriented).


Thanks in advance

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Bump for price reduction!!!![
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