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Here's a picture of my rotated alpha pads. Not sure how much C.C.S. rotated his, so no guarantees. Heck, I'm not even sure if anyone can even see the rotation, but it's there...

Also, please excuse my messy desk... tongue.gif

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Sorry, had to. tongue.gif


Yeah, rotating the pads to the slant of the ear makes the fit much more natural feeling. And it takes all of 5 seconds. I was pretty much doing the same thing as Dan, tipping the headphones back, but this is much better. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by paradoxper View Post

Damn you, prep, do ya see what you've started.



M51/ Gun.  impressions?

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Originally Posted by jazzerdave View Post


Cool.  Good to know.

The aha is kickin it with the amp slut right now. So what's that make the aha? A broke dude with a headache me thinks.

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Just so that I understand, are the pads rotated couter-clockwise or clockwise? About 25*?

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the top is turned backwards on each cup so that it lines up with ear angle, as i understood. this may be different form person to person how much it is needed.

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Just so that I understand, are the pads rotated couter-clockwise or clockwise? About 25*?

One moves ccw and the other side is moved cw, depending on your perspective. The idea is to have the position where the headband rests on top of your head to move further in the direction of your face if you were to keep the cups at the same orientation over your ears.
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Well isn't that common sense?


I always adjusted the pad so that they match the shape of my head. Ideally, the pad should be thicker on the bottom/back part to accommodate for the jaw's shape. Those with big rounded head might not notice much change here because there's not much to compensate for.


The old velour pads from Hifiman also were thicker on one half, which made it easier to get a good seal. The new pads not so much...

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So now we are already starting the modifications to a modified can. This hobby is hilarious!!! I can't wait to get my balanced Mad Dogs in May. Thanks for posting that though, I will definitely be doing that.
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Originally Posted by preproman View Post



M51/ Gun.  impressions?

Eventually. Still taking M51 through its paces. So far I prefer the optical to USB, surprised to say the least.

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To be fair, it's more of an adjustment than a modification, you aren't changing anything permanently or altering it fundamentally... Just adjusting for fit, like you would adjust the arms or whatever. It's nice that the angled pads can easily be rotated tho, not always the case w/other headphones.

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Who's gonna be the first to rip apart a Mad Dog and make us all jealous! Come on somebody.... Solid gold connectors and the finest italian cashmere for baffling might offer an improvement smily_headphones1.gif

Btw, I am just being funny. Everyone put down the flamethrowers!
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So guys, instead of beating around the bush, in just going to ask straight out about a potential upgrade to the mad dogs in the distant future (depending on the refractory period of the head fi sickness).

I love the balance and natural timbre that the MDs produce, particular a treble that is neither harsh nor shelved. Couple that with the speed of an orthodynamic and the nice thick midrange, the versatility and sonority of these headphones prove themselves again and again.

However, my recent purchase of an amperior has shown me that I appreciate just a liiiittle but more bass punch, and a liiiiittle bit more sparkle (both of which are handled to an extent by the MD's propensity towards equalization). Both cans have shown me that soundstage isn't too important to me as instrument separation is, but I do feel that the amperiors are a bit congested at times. The MDs are fine in this respect, but I do like airiness ala an open can. Good soundstage is still a plus, though!

Tl;dr: an airier, sliiiiightly v-shaped open-back upgrade to the mad dogs that is perhaps a little more aggressive, but retains that beautiful midrange.

I'm running an asgard 2/bifrost. I'd probably upgrade the amplifier, but id like to stick with the asgard2 for as long as I can.

I've been thinking of either the LCD-2's, but afraid the treble might be a bit shelved, but the things I've heard about its bass is very tempting, plus the fact that the MDs seem to be its natural precursor (in terms of voicing)

I've also been thinking about the he-500s, but they're perhaps a bit laid-back from what I've read, and their power as a jack of all trades might not be the perfect investment since I listen mostly to a single genre (albeit a multi faceted one with vastly different production values and timbres). Other than that, their sparkle and slightly more present bass while retaining balance is attractive to me.

And at the back of my mind are grados: I really don't know. I've been thinking about visiting the Alessandro line, but I have to say I wasn't too impressed with grados at the Bay Area meet. As a metalhead, I thought it would be a math made on heaven, but they were a bit thin and harsh sounding; probably as a result of having listened to the darkish MDs for so long. I would love the opportunity to give them another shot.

In the end, I love these guys so much I might just stick with them. I really just wanted to gauge a "where do I go from here" Query from other MD owners who may have moved onto other cans.

Thanks for indulging my curiosity!
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What about HE-400s?

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Originally Posted by anoxy View Post

What about HE-400s?

I personally think the HE400's are over hyped. The only thing I preferred on them was the open sound stage the MD's don't have - and that's more of an open vs closed issue anyway. The HE400's were much too sibilant and unrefined to my ear, and I would suggest trying them before buying them to make sure that won't bother you.


I have gone from the HE400's MD's to the HE500's but I think I'll be purchasing the balanced MD's soon as I really like their sound.


I have no experience with the LCD2's but a lot of people liken them to the MD's on steroids; perhaps someone who has/does own both can weigh in.

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