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Originally Posted by Kamakahah View Post

Sorry man, It's late and I'm cranky. I know that your excited for your new gear, congrats btw. I hope you really enjoy it all. Sounds like you have some great stuff otw. Hopefully you will get another shot with the Mad Dogs.

I will, it's also very late here in the states and I'm cranky to! I will have the mad dogs again, I got a solid state amp JUST for mid heavy cans. So I doubt I'll EVER find another can that ioslates as well as those did AND has as a sound as they do! 

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Originally Posted by gelocks View Post



I have a red+black and a black+gray V-Moda cable.

You can select any color they have in-stock.

I don't believe Dan gives you a choice though. New MDs come with a gray v-moda audio only cable...

Black would look best IMO.

Originally Posted by aak57 View Post

Speaking of amps, will an E11 be fine for these until I can afford a desktop amp?

Yup, it should be good enough. I've used it to drive my MDs in a pinch :)

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Oooppss I misread... you were asking Dan! lol

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Is a 9V Altoid tin going to struggle to drive the Mad Dogs with this internal hardware spec. ?


Quote "




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Knowing that there will be new stickers on the way in about a week, I was not able to resist the urge. I very carefully pulled the new white stickers off my new pair of MD's.eek.gif (sorry Dan).


It took a little ingenuity to get the glue off the surface without scratching, but now they look like a serious pair of mean kick @ss dogs. Reminds of the effect you get from a blacked out car. 


So now black dogs with a black vmoda cable FTW...very_evil_smiley.gif

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Mshenay and Wolfetan44, on the one hand, you parted with the MD's a bit quickly, on the other hand, I have one of your pairs on the way, so thank you, the price drop basically pays the CA sales tax and shipping for me!


These are the pefect leave at work can for me - pretty bulletproof, industrial cool/fuggly, and don't look like the truly stunning headphone that they are.  My coworkers think I'm listening to some low buck steam punk headphone, and I've got the brilliant sound of the MD's shutting out the outside world when necessary (don't get me wrong - I LIKE the look of the MD's, and the fit and finish are top notch - you won't find better on any headphone - it is just the look of the Fostex T50RP).  My first pair remains at home, to be integrated into some sort of semi-stationary bedside rig, I think.  I swore I wasn't gonna build a bedside rig again and stay portable....


Right now, as I sit here typing, I am listening to "The Wall" ripped from a 20+ year old gold master disc on a Peachtree Nova, which really does a nice job with these, though it is not the powerhouse that a Lyr or Burson or something like that is.  The Nova is a great DAC with a nice speaker amp and a nice headphone amp, but not a particularly powerful headphone amp.  Still sounds really good, though.


Oh, and I can't quite tell from the myriad posts above, but are there new stickers coming?  Cool wink.gif!

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Indeed, I'm sure the pair I returne [which should be arriving at Dans buisness monday] will go to a good home


Wish I had gotten a solid state b4 i sold these lol, still so comfy so much isolation! 

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I am currently shipping the black v-Moda cable.  I don't guarantee the cable color won't change, it's driven by availability and they don't always have the volume of cables I need available...

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Just put in an order for a refurbished pair at $270. Now I'm excited for next week!

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Originally Posted by ssrock64 View Post

This SX-650, or something I've never heard of? I think a friend of mine has one of these gathering dust in his basement...

Yep pioneer SX-650. Got it from salvation army $40. Bit of deoxit and it sounds awesome. At some point I will add xlr to MD's and then get a xlr-speaker taps adapter and run these off the vintage taps.
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Back in the day, I was this >< close to buying a Pioneer SX-650. Later, I always wished I had done it!
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It's funny. The MD's have been at work for the past two months. At home I use the hd650 most of the time. Now that I have a second set of MD's for home, it's all the I reach for since I got them in. redface.gif


It's the seductive ortho mids that draws me in. It use to be all about the bass for me. Then I still wanted bass but I began to appreciate the mids and a darker detailed treble. Now I have it all with the MD. biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by mrspeakers View Post

A last note for those of you who tote them around: new units are now being shipped with a black velvet tote-bag.  The bag will be on the estore early next week for anyone who wants one, and they won't be very expensive.


Hmmm, I just received my brand new  headphones this Friday. Is there any way that you can package one of those cases with the Alphapads you are sending me?

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Originally Posted by eac3 View Post


Hmmm, I just received my brand new  headphones this Friday. Is there any way that you can package one of those cases with the Alphapads you are sending me?


I included a bag with the Alpha pads for those who took Dog Pads while the Alphas were on backorder to thank everyone for their patience.  The Alpha Pads are all shipping tomorrow.  

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I'm a big fan of the new look. To me the barking dog always felt a little bit... tacky. I'm also very excited about the prospect of all black darth dogs. Looks like I'm running out of excuses to not order these... I think the Alpha Pads + new simple design is pushing me over the edge. evil_smiley.gif

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