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So the predator in the movie Predator has a skull from one of the aliens in the movie Alien in his spaceship so they must come from "the same universe" however Prometheus is not a prequel to either of them so it's in a seperate universe then why does the movie Prometheus show the creation of the first alien from the movie Alien?  It was a hybrid of

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


 the black liquid from the plant-like creature in his drink while playing pool from the robot, inseminated into the girl during intercourse, given birth to the snake-like creature in the medical bay, which then somehow merged with the blue-skin humanoid.

= Alien



I should also note this movie had a good mystery element to it that leaves you thinking about it two days later if you're so inclined.

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I think we'll eventually find that it is a prequel to the Alien series but that Predator and AVP will be left out in the cold.
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Didnt like this movie. It has been couple of weeks since I saw the movie so my memory is bit hazy but here are my short impressions.


This movie was simply stunning to look at. Visual side was spot on. Story department however was not that good. It had quite a few confusing parts like the black goo whose function kept changing. At one point it gives parasites to one person, who then magically makes his infertile wife pregnant with alien squid while eating away the parasite victim, and in other scene it gives birth to the alien worms (probably the same creatures as the parasites above, I guess?) that then evolve into those pseudo facehuggers and then it turns one person into a super powered monkey jumping and climbing around kicking ass and then my mind just implodes from inconsistency overload. Also some themes of this movie felt bit tacked on (like science vs religion). Blade Runner this movie is not. Hopefully there will be a directors cut (a'la Kingdom Of Heaven) that would give some clarity to these issues.


But what crowned it all was completely retarded behaviour of some characters (are these guys scientists!?). I'm sorry but if your story relies on people constantly herpderping so it can move forward then there is something wrong in your story telling. Compare this to original Alien. Characters are just "dumb cargo vessel workers" but atleast their behaviour is consistent and logical considering the circumstances they are in.

All in all, this movie just made me angry. Dont get me wrong, I have seen faaar worse movies but very rarely any of them made me feel anger.

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Black goo, you say ? 




Spooky, as in Mulder. Or is that Moody, as in Hank ? I know - lame - but its all the brain cells I can muster right now. 


As for Predator/AVP being left out in the cold, that is absolutely fine with me - Aliens was as good as any of the feature films got for mine, and this doesnt sound like it changes that situation one iota. How many of us have wanted to pull out and nuke the planet from orbit at one time or another ?  I say we put HER in charge.  evil_smiley.gif

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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

Here is a nice run through of it all



That summary (halfway through it) shows just how complex some of the components of the story are.


This movie is deeper than Sherlock Holmes and X-files, and as shallow as a silver surfer comic book, at the same time.



p.s. Nice how google is increasing the advertisements on youtube second by second so no one complains, sooner or later youtube will be like watching advertisements for 2 minutes just to see anything.

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That youtube summary is good.  MaZa (post #18) you should watch it.  Hey, it said a sequel is planned, awesome!

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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post

That youtube summary is good.  MaZa (post #18) you should watch it.  Hey, it said a sequel is planned, awesome!



Watched it. Didnt bring much new to the table other than bringing a couple of new sides to the black goo thing (all speculation though). Oh, and the whole Prometheus mythos, interesting funfact. And reminded me of another good thing in this movie, David. Propably only character that I really liked. After watching through the summary it just reinforces my belief this movie may have been bit butchered on the cutting table, which keeps me hoping for a DC version in the future.



*edit* And his comparison to questions left open by first Alien movie are bit misaimed. For example what the aliens are and where they come from were quite irrelevant to the movie. And since its a horror movie its even quite important that they are left ambiguous. Hell, thats the thing! Even the characters have no idea what it is and what is going on, and are terribly frightened by it. The mystery doesnt hinder the movie, didnt leave the audience scratching their heads askign WTF just happened, but infact it reminds us that the universe out there can be quite screwed up place.

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What I'm wondering is why does David sound like Data (from Star Trek) and why does the final boss they wake up from hypersleep look like the final boss in streetfighter IV ...

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