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Prometheus Movie review

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Go see the movie Prometheus, end of review.

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great review!


Hopefully, I'll make it there soon.

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( I'm not a professional at movie reviews by any means and all i have written below is my pure honest thought on the film as simply as i can spoiler free. You are entitled to your own opinion and i encourage you to take my review with as much salt as you like!)




I did see the film in IMAX opening day and am a huge alien fan and have been waiting for this film for years and i will give you my pure honest thoughts on the film but in short its very much worth your dollar to see!



First thing that is spoken when Prometheus is ever mentioned is if its indeed a prequel to alien like so many say? Well to be honest its a pseudo prequel the film does indeed take place before the events of the first film with the crew of the Nostromo but does not lead into the first alien film in anyway. What the film does however is answer some questions but bring about more questions as any good sci-fi film should.



From the start to finish of the film it gives you a greater sense of grander and scope the the other films in the franchise have tried to convey and the film delivers in spades. Asking the questions in society that are as controversial as they are mysterious-who are we? What is our purpose?The crew of the Prometheus set out on a search for our beginnings by pursuing our potential creators the affectionately called space jockeys first seen in the first alien ship strapped to an odd chair. That scene from the first one is often overlooked as the creatures take the show but the question that truly needs to be asked is what are they-what was it doing there-and what happened to the crew and were was it going? The Film does answer some of those questions but doesn't answer everything unfortunately but i have no doubt in the future there will be a continuation.



The films screen play held up well and acting was impressive from all characters, not one character comes up as unneeded and all there screen time is justified especially the lead characters Vickers ,David, and Shaw. Vickers played by Charlize Theron is cold and calculated and very mission first and makes you in the audience truly despise her not for her acting but that the character is so malevolent and truly brings about the elements of cooperate corruption and the thirst for power at the expense of Innocent lives that the Wayland corp is so famous for in the franchise. She has a much stronger presence than burk ever did in the aliens film and is much more powerful as you see her influence the actions of the crew to not only sit her own tastes but the further serve the Wayland corps hidden agenda. David who's is played my Michael fassbender, is by far the most interesting character of the film and practically steals the show.A prototype android sent on the mission the aid the crew on its scientific adventure who is bother incredibly handy and incredibly intelligent and does a better job that any of his predecessors did in the previous films. His dialog is both mysterious and clever as all of his dialog in the film is so devoid of human emotion that his genuine curiosity for all around him leaves the audience always second guessing as to his true intentions because he speaks with such ambiguity that you can really make of two conclusion to almost every line he speaks. Now last but not least the the best acting performances of the film is Noomi Rapace playing as the archaeologist  Elisabeth Shaw. There are several events in the film that giver her true depth and quickly becomes one of the most relatable characters of the film and shares a uncanny resemblance to Ellen Ripley. Her Strong performance in the film and actions prove that she is not only genuine to her cause and beliefs but a tactile thinker and a strong willed person prove her worth as the events in the film unfold.The events of the film proceed and a clear logical order (contrary to many other reviews have touted on the net but these are my opinions)but i felt the the events in the film were just in a tad to quick of a pace but i didn't feel that there was as much static as there was in the first alien. This film was (for me at least) very engaging from start to finish. The story does seem shallow at first but the mystery as the scientists explore the planet deepen further into a tangible and engaging experience very unique for a film in toady's day and age were the explosions and not story telling is emphasized. 



The special effects of the film were the best Ive ever seen hands down and to be honest it makes avatar look lack luster in comparison. The vision of the future that Ridley Scott produces in the film is both beautiful and convincing with great attention to detail that will have any nitpicker for eye candy satisfied.Also for those on the fence about the whole 3d aspect of it i strongly encourage you to see it in 3d. The use of 3d in the film was spot on never once did i feel that the film was exaggerated in its use in 3d in fact the use of 3d throughout the film as so transparent that it felt natural and added rather than sub tracked from my experience watching it. The film definitely has a lot of tension as the event progress to the point in one seen in particular that it make me cringe and just added to the scene-definitely not for the faint of heart or weak stomached, no mistake this is a horror film and it shows its teeth and doesn't disappoint.



Now this is not a film without its flaws one real complaint i have with the film is that i honestly found the sound track for the film to me a weakness as so many other elements of the film were so well done i felt the music for the film could have been done better but it didn't hamper the presentation as much as i thought. The events in the film lead the a interesting ending that does lead a few of the important questions the at crew went searching for unanswered and it is a little bothersome to me to know that there will be another film ill have to watch to get what i want but enough questions were answered were i didn't feel cheated.



Its been awhile since a great sci-fi film hit the big screen and got so many things write. I walked away with my mind thoroughly blown away completely not what i expected but much much more than i could have hoped for. If your like me and your sick and tired of mickel bay explosion spamming movies with mediocre story and acting this is a god send and its a relief to know Ridley is back with evanescence. Back in 1979 he shook the movie world and carved his name forever as a legend with such classics as alien and Blade runner and i believe he has a new classic under his belt.


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Thank-you for the review! I have been a fan even from 1979 when me and a friend walked into a theater and saw Alien.


Do you think it is better than the original?

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Oh my god how dare you diss Michael Bay! Only kidding of course please die! I will give him credit for not totally messing up the Rock though :)


Nice review. It´s a very good movie for fans of the series I imagine. Perhaps no masterpiece as you say the tempo is slightly rushed but maybe it´s necessary in todays internet generation and bay infected climate.  It was great to see so much of O´bannons original script in Prometheus.


As for the 3D did you notice much cross talk? There was quite a bit of it on my showing RealD not IMAX however mostly on subtitles. As for 3D goes I would have enjoyed more depth but it´s okay otherwise. As you say you don´t think of it and then it´s generally good :)

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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

Thank-you for the review! I have been a fan even from 1979 when me and a friend walked into a theater and saw Alien.


Do you think it is better than the original?


Not in a direct sense ,both films have there similarity's, Prometheus is more of a sci-fi epic shrouded in  mystery with horror thrown in for good measur. Alien was sci-fi horror about survival from an unknown danger.The tension is there but there is more action and its more disturbing. It does have tension like the first but nothing will ever top the chest buster scene for shock but Prometheus give you scenes that i find more disturbing from both an art direction effects and gore. 

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I just saw this flick this afternoon.  If you're reading this, please note there will be details that may spoil parts of the movie.


Not surprisingly, the momentum of the story line is started with a very rich and dying man's desire to seek out the "creator" in hopes to make him live longer after two science love birds discovers ancient civilizations had witness aliens/UFO/God.  Their desire to find answers to the basic question on the origins of human kind ultimately and ironically ends with death.


Even more ironic is how some of the answers is actually provided by an android, and it his doings instructed by his creator (humans, corporation) that opens Pandora's Box, so to speak.


It's been a few decades since I last saw "Alien", but with "Prometheus" you now know how the iconic alien started - from human-like DNA.

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I gathered that was how we was created not the Alien? Was not suggested what DNA the alien came from.

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I was being generic on the source of the alien monster DNA, since us humans and the alien humans had matching DNA genomes.  This would mean that the iconic alien in the successor films is part human at least from a DNA level.   What I find ironic is the verbal reference from the android, "all children want to see their parents (creators) dead."  In a very dark perspective, this is true and expressed throughout the film. 


I don't believe the writer and/or Ridley Scott closed the question on "where do we come from" or "who made us" questions.  It is left open to our own interpretations, as it should. 

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Saw it opening night and thought the visuals were excellent and a couple of characters were portrayed well (Shaw and David).  However, the story was weak at several points, including some really mind bogglingly poor choices from some characters.  Worth watching, probably in 3D as it was done well, but don't let the plot holes and mindless sub tier characters bother you. 

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Really entertaining review. Of course contains spoilers :)

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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The atmosphere was great, as were the effects. The crew, OTOH, were whiny morons.
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I saw it last night.


Note this IS a horror movie, with plenty of blood.



The story is suspenseful and compelling.


At times it feels like a cheap horror / sci-fi flick full of comic-book style formula one-liners and shock effects, then at others it poses deep metaphysical questions on our very existence.


The spirit of the characters is at times shallow and cheesy, like some schoolkids on a bus, then at others the character interaction and depth shines through, in good Ridley Scott fashion such as in Blade Runner or The Assassination of Jesse James.


The robot is pretty cool.


Long story short it's a cheap sci-fi / horror on a spaceship with robots and aliens, with a unique, compelling and intricate story, with less unique movie formula / special effects.

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Love this review:




Let’s get this straight: “Prometheus” is not a direct prequel to “Alien,” “Aliens” or “Predator.”


Er, 'Predator' ?? AFAIK, Ridley Scott had nothing to do with Predator or the AVP franchise. Gladiator - sure. Other limp feature films featuring Big Russ ? Sure, but nothing to do with Predator.


Per Wikipedia, yet again Hollywood had to rely on comic books for 'inspiration':


The first Aliens versus Predator story was published by Dark Horse Comics in Dark Horse Presents #34-36 (November 1989-February 1990). In November 1990, Predator 2 was released in theaters, and includes a scene depicting an Alien skull as one of the Predator's trophies.

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