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Ahh, I had to use the latest dev build to get those values. I had been using the latest stable release.

Thanks for making this available. It didn't take too long to get used to the new sound, probably because the es5 handles EQing so well. Now it sounds like the mids and highs have more room to breath.

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Original post has been completely updated.  New settings, pretty big improvement in sound.   never say never... wink.gif

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Here's mine:

Freq (Hz), Gain (dB), Q


1980, -3.0, 2

3682, -1.5, 3.5

3800, 2.5, 7

4313, 4.5, 3.5

4750, 2.5, 2

5365, -2, 5.5

7500, -3, 9

7600, 4, 3




It's by no means perfect and it definitely takes the warm roundness out of the ES5, but overall I feel it makes the headphone more neutral.


Give that a shot for like a week or so, A/B it with your current settings, and I'd love to hear what you think.

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i've been giving your settings a try.

I feel better about them when i take another -1db out of your 150hz setting, it takes some of that i would call the "muddiness" out of the es5- sound, but beyond that there are aspects of both of our settings that i like.  I'll have to take more time with them.


one of the trickiest aspects that i'm finding about eqing is how much changing one set of frequencies can drastically alter how you percieve all the others... especially in the case of that mid bass hump i speak about in the op.  you take that setting down a few db's and you hear the whole sound signature is altered.


thanks for your contribution!  I love getting other people's perspectives since there isnt much feedback on what i'm trying to do.

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Thanks for contributing too!

I totally agree that changing one frequency can drastically change how you perceive the others, but I believe this is usually an effect of how we mentally filter and process our senses.

If one recognizes a frequency range and pays attention to it, one can hear that such a frequency remains unaltered even when surrounding frequencies are changed.

To view the frequencies in such a way allows us to break down the challenge of equalizing into much more manageable parts.


Quick update - the peak at 15,000 Hz is off.

I put that in quickly to slightly correct the super highs, but this compensation does not at all reflect what is actually happening in those frequencies.

The peak really needs to be narrowed and have a much higher boost.

For now, I tried 15,000 Hz with +9 dB gain with a Q of 7 and got much better results.


I found this to be extremely apparent in songs with certain percussion instruments such as those in Reckoner by Radiohead.

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funny how the brain/ears work.  It was just over a year ago that i tweaked my last tweak on my "chasing neutral" settings, when one day about a week ago i put on some music and said to myself.. this isnt right.. the mid bass and low mids are anemic...


I havent really had time to pick my favorite new tweak, but I certainly feel its worth posting what i've got when i get the time.. for the 1 person who may follow this thread ;-)


as soon as i get a chance i'll be posting some updated eq settings that, as usual, sound like a pretty good improvement over what i posted here last..

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I'm not using an EQ with mine.

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I've revised and updated the OP with my newest settings, and some more explanation.  I'm quite happy with my new settings, and feel they are much better than before (how many times have i said that over the years?)   :D


As always I'd love to hear what you all think, though it seems most people aren't interest in eq'ing these headphones.

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Thanks for updating. I've been using mine without EQ but I'll give these new settings a try later when I have time.

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