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I just hope that Fiio makes new LOD's for the new iPhone model, since it's rumored that it won't retain the 30-Pin Dock Connector.

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Beside those two, also the fiio e19 is worth to try when it's out, doesn't have any detail on it to though.. soon perhaps biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by KimChee View Post

It'd be nice if you could use this while docking and charging.

Yea that would be a huge bonus.  Even though I have an extra battery for my E11, it would be even better if I could just plug it into my laptop while traveling.

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The E12 looks somewhat like a Pico Slim... I like!

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The biggest challenge for us (FiiO) is to choose what kind of power for E12, below are some kinds of power:


1, 2 X 9V battery, it is used in most high end portable headphone amp, simple and the power voltage is high enough, and you can also buy rechargeable 9V battery to keep the cost, 


   but the problem is that you can not control the thickness, also, we don't want to make a FiiO SR71A, lol, should be something new.


2, one Li-on battery, the problem is the power supply will become very complex , you need to boost the voltage from 3.7V to 12- 20 V or even higher, and separate the single power to +/- power, 


   the whole power circuit will be very complex, and hard to control the hiss because you have to use DC/DC to boost the voltage or convert to negative,


   There are one word, the simple the better in SQ, lol. maybe we should just a resistor inside the amp.


3, 3 or 4 li-on battery, the power voltage will be high enough ( but not as high as 2 9V batteries), and convert the single power to +/- power, this is used in some portable amp, but the problem is


   that hard to control the charging circuit and make sure that each batteries is fully charged. of course, it is big challenge to FiiO but maybe other company can solve it, who know?


   Consider we will sell to so many customers, it is not safe for us to use this power although it can control the size at the same time and make the power simple.


So, This time we decide to be the first company ( please share with us if you found any similar headphone amp use the same design ) who use 6 X AAA li-on battery , the only problem is you have


to charge the battery with a extra charger, but the good news is , we can control the thickness to 15mm, and make the power circuit very simple, not need any DC-DC , and will have very high


power supply , means +/- 10V(min) to  +/- 12.6V( max), it will good for the SQ. I don't find any portable amp use such high power supply voltage.  

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You get something and you lose something. such is life.

If it is going to be 6 Li-ion AAA, I'll really like to have the amp also come with a 6 AAA charger, so we can charge them all at once. Possibly also have another 6 spare AAA included in the package as well? That will be super biggrin.gif
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Can you please tell us what amp are you trying to compete again by designing the E12 so we can get an idea how high class it is? I saw you saying SR71A. I  think it is important to at least give us an idea on the target performance set for designing this amp. 


I for one love to see Fiio take on the big guys for one and show us what it can do in the high end portable market. 

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Any information on how close Fiio is to releasing E02i?

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I just hopes it last longer than my E11s, seeing how I went through 3 bad ones within 4 months. In comparison my E5 and O2 has been holding out for a much longer time. I believe you can do it Fiio! 

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Originally Posted by kpark517 View Post

Any information on how close Fiio is to releasing E02i?


We plan to release it in July or Aug

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Can't wait for hands on reviews on the E12.

("daddy" want a new toy).

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Great! Looking forward to it.

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I'm pretty excited about E12. I've had nothing but great time with my E11. Can't wait to find out more about this!! 

Nice one Fiio! beerchug.gif

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when is the e12 coming out?

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Originally Posted by SONIC BOOM View Post

when is the e12 coming out?

They haven't finished designing it yet, so I doubt they can tell you when it will be released.
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