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Fav headphones you own?

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What is your favorite headphone? I sadly dont own a pair of headphones frown.gif. I own the UE TF10's though. and I love them tongue_smile.gif

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Bowers & Wilkins P5. 


I own/tried ATH-M50, Bose QC15, Bose AE2, Bose IE2, Bose OE2, Beats Studio and Solo, Klipsch Image One. 

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I love my DBI pro700. Very nice all around sound, accomodates my music interests well. 

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I wish I could combine the sound of my Shure SRH940s with a Sennheiser head piece!
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My Sony MDR-CD900ST's. Hands down the best headphones I've owned.


I loved my K601's, but these improve on them in just about every single way, particularly the mids. The mids are just so delicious.

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Fostex T20RP is my favorite, hands down.

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I only have some cheapies: HD 428's, Grado SR80i's, Meelec M9's, and some HD 228'. My favorite are my SR80i's, but the HD 428's are amazing for the price I got them for ($30).

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I need a recommendation for a good headphones that shines with radiohead. $100 any good headphones for radio head?i have a fiio e11
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My Denon AH-D 7000.
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for iem, its tf10 for sure. for headphones, im not too sure, im loving my beyer dt990 but i still have to give my sony z1000 more listen to determine which one i like more. my impression is my z1000 is more detailed but my dt990 has bigger soundstage. i know i prefer my dt990 over my xb500 (easy win for dt990, i bought the xb500 for sheer bass quantity for occassional bass thumping) and koss tbse1 (prefer my dt990 for richer and cleaner sound though "cleaner" may be due to me listening to dt990 at home so theres not much noise around me and i listen to my tbse1 on the go so theres a lot of noise and makes the background noisy) already.

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I have always wanted the Beyer DT990s or the AKG K702s
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Originally Posted by wolfetan44 View Post

I have always wanted the Beyer DT990s or the AKG K702s




yeah man, the dt990 is good, i recommend it smily_headphones1.gif, havent had a chance to own the k702 yet

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Koss Pro DJ 100 (currently using TB)


If I had to only keep one it'd be this. Even over my HD-580, Q701, K601 and 598.


Had these since Summer of 2010 and haven't found a pair I liked more. Grado SR-225i came close.

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Koss ESP/950. Listening to some organ music right now (BWV 542) - it's absolutely terrifying. In a good way.
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I go back and for between the d5k and he400. They are both outstanding. Not sure if I could choose between the two.

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