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Where does it end?

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I read all the cable debates and try to stay silent. I have seen some speaker cables as thick as jumper cables. A friend had IC's on his old surround system that would have wired my electrical panel. I recently misdirected into a forum where people were swearing by putting tiny strips of (special) colored tape to the back of pictures to treat a room. These peopel swear the improvement that are made by this just as strongly as the cable believers. It is possible for a losless  9.2 surround signal and a 1080p video signal to be carried by a single cable the size of a pencil. Enough is enough. I bet these treatment guys started with cables. No one has proven they can hear what can't be measured, ever. With all the claims out there why has not one person been able to prove it. Until they do, we should never take any recomendations seriously. I am tired of it. People are persuaded to waste valuable money on nonsense. Prove it or shut up. Proof is required everywhere except audio.

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Loss aversion + confirmation bias.


Its a relatively simple explanation. Its not that people refuse to admit the truth, its that truth is constructed by each individual's brain in a way that will make them happy.


The real problem is when people try to to use reason to win arguments.

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Well, I just quote Martin Braun...



Before 2000 it was unknown that a precognitive version of absolute pitch is general in humans. This ability is subconsciously applied in speech and it can be considered as a further means of speaker identification, in addition to voice timbre.

Application of the precognitive, absolute pitch-memory increases with speech emphasis. This is neuroanatomically plausible, because the major precognitive command center for speech (in the anterior cingulate cortex) is not only linked to a pitch memory but also to centers for arousal and emotion.

The motivation dependent use of the absolute pitch-memory can be assumed as one of the evolutionary foundations of song, and thus of music in general.
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I have this device that you put on your car. It improves the performance incredibly. Acceleration, mileage, handling are the same but the things it does can't be measured. It just performs better. I know because I can feel the difference. See how silly this arguement is for other things beside audio.

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A key?

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I bought a Samsung LCD tv over a Sony, an Audi over a BMW, a Nikon over Canon, a Moon Audio cable over Belkin.

I'm using and enjoying my purchase. What's there to proof?

Btw, what makes your view informed and others' nonsense?
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