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Considering Purchasing Sony MDR-XD200. Input? Opinions?

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I am considering buying these headphones. I will not buy a pair of headphones that are more than $45. The first review shown in the link above gives a very detailed review. The guy sounds like a pro, and he has me leaning on purchasing these. 


I am not an audiophile, so I cannot give great detail as to what exactly I like to hear in my headphones. I was in BestBuy today hoping to purchase some, but the only ones I could purchase in my range were not "sample-able." 


The HF I liked in BestBuy:


-- Phillips SHL5905BK/28  --  isolated the sound very well, seemed to deliver flat yet clear and crisp sound


-- SOUL by Ludacris SL150BW High-Definition On-Ear Headphones -- seemed bright with crisp highs, which I did find appealing, but is not a requirement


I love the whole noise cancelling idea, so I would like my headphones to block (seal) most of the outside noise. I do not want it to have that breathable mesh crap for the pad around the ears. Bright or flat is much better than bass heavy. I am not looking for super bass headphones. I want either all flat or bright with average everything else (if that makes sense).


I want some insight on the MDR-XD200s and would definitely take suggestions on other HF to look at. Remember, NO MORE than $45.


Thanks in advance for all who respond and help me out! I am new to the HF buying world.

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Based on Fringe's response to another post, I want to let everyone know that I listen to a VERY LARGE VARIETY of genres. Probably 45% rock/alternative, 30% pop, 10% orchestra and piano only, 10% dubstep,  5% OLD classic country (Johnny Horton, lol).


I listen to everything. These will probably never be used for dubstep though, as I typically only listen to it when I workout. Bassnectar gets me crunk I guess...

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I personally thought the XD200 was terrible. At that price you won't find any great headphones that are noise-isolating (noise-canceling uses an active circuit).


Try checking out the portable headphone thread here. Lots of data there for you to peruse.

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That is fine. They dont have to isolate me from the rest of the world completely. I am saying that so as to give as much info as possible so that I can get suggestions that are closer to what I am looking for.


I would like full sized over the ear headphones for here at work. They do not need to fold, so that thread with the portable headphones, while incredible well done, does not include a LOT of my options.


I will continue to look at it though. It has a LOT of good info.


I am also considering the Sennheiser HD 202 II. They are cheap as dirt but have decent reviews.


I have also seen good things about JVC HAS700.

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If you can, go to a Sony Store and try out the MA300 and/or MA500. These headphones are semi-open and they were recently introduced last month, so there's not much data on them, but should effectively replace the XD200 (being a 6-year old model) and sound a lot better.

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Well I  have the mdr-xd100, it's gathering dust. You have almost everything that could be wrong: muddyness, lack of high extension, lack of bass extension.  Bu at least,  it's  neutral ..  .The ksc75 beat them easily in sound quality.
I  assume the xd200 would sound similar to xd100.
The only thing  great about the xd100 : good built quality for price, comfort, and you have at least a long cable to hang yourself if you don't like the sound.

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