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Hey guys! Newbie here. I had recently bought a couple pairs of different headphones that I just hated and returned i.e. Sony (ew I know). I was looking at a pair of B&W P3's and I tried the P5's at the Apple Store. Do you think I'll like them? I'm looking for a forever pair.

Thanks in advance. biggrin.gif

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We would need a little more information on what you do like/want out of the headphones. I'm not familiar with those models but if you let us know which music genres you listen to and what your using as a source it would help. Also you could try posting in this thread ;)



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Haha sorry for taking forever to respond. What I want most is.. da BASS. Just kidding. 


I'm looking for good response I guess, just a nice sound and comfortable fit on my head. Good reputation would be a plus.


I listen to electronic music- e.g. Grimes. I also listen to punk rock. Indie. Whatever. But I do love my electronic. 


Thanks! tongue.gif

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Oh! And not too much leak out them!

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Considering you're looking at the P3, how much does style matter?

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Doesn't matter that much- I'm just going for something quality and durable. Like I said, I'm lookin' for a forever pair. I'm sick of buying cheap ones constantly. 

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If you want durability, nearly all "style" headphones like the P5, P3, Beats, etc. are out (though V-Moda's range could be an option).


Looking at cans that work well with electronica, isolate well, and are comfortable, there are a multitude of options available under $200. One of the first ultra-durable options that pops to mind is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50, a legend of the headphone world that has had its popularity hampered by price hikes. That said, it's on the bassy side (but not over-bassy) and is nearly unbeatable when it comes to durability. I've owned two pairs, and only managed to destroy one of them through the rigors of it being my throwaround do-everything headphone. I, however, put much more stress on my cans than most people, and it would be fine for you. My second set lasted me for a year of use as my portable before I sold it in spotless condition. It also works quite well with indie and punk (two of my personal main genres), and is good for pretty much any use.


Looking at similarly durable cans that work well with your genres, the M-Audio Q40 is another option. It's cheaper and on the bassier side, with a low-end rumble that compliments electronica very well. However, it may not jive quite as much with indie rock, as the bass can get overwhelming at times.


If you don't like either of those options, I can suggest plenty of others, too.

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