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DT 48A

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I have a pair of Sony MDR-F1's (nice soundstage, okay resolution, HIGH noise floor), Sony MDR-SA5000's (okay soundstage, good resolution, HIGH noise floor, microphonic cable) and Etymotic HF3's (IEM Soudstage, good resolution, low noise floor, microphonic cable). In the past I have owned HD600's so prior to the Etymotics, I had used open cans only. I like the black background offered by the Etymotics due to their intrinsically low noise floor and am curious about the DT 48a as a replacement for the SA5000 for home listening as I want to move to a closed can. Anyone have experience with the DT 48a that might be able to shed some light?


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The DT48 is a really *really* odd can to listen to. Very prominent midrange and treble, a "hollow" sound, not really something I'd consider for casual home listening. 

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Which variant of the DT 48 are you writing about? I know that the A and E version are supposed to sound different.

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Hmm had to check my profile on that one... I had the "E". I can't image that they'd sound that vastly different though. It's also quite expensive for what it is. 

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Unless you are conducting standardized audiological tests, monitoring vocals, or care more about micro-details than the context of the music they fit into you are better off with something else. 

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And yet some people are quite passionate about them. I guess I will just have to hear a pair.

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