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Earphones for iPhone, Help a Newbie

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Hi guys,


I am looking for my first pair of actual earphones.  Almost anything will be better than what I'm used to (stock apple iPhone).  If someone could recommend me a pair to start with based on the following I will be very grateful.


Use- All the time on the train and in a big city, but also in quiet places like a university library.  For this reason it is important that people can't hear my music from the outside.


Genre- Hip-Hop and Rap mostly, also popular hits on the radio and a very little bit of house


Cost- I am very frugal (read: I am a cheapass), so the cheaper the better, MAX $100 and this is even stretching it... more like $50 would be nice.


Microphone- I like to use the phone a lot when I am walking.  It usually takes me about 20 minutes to walk to and from campus, so I need a good microphone for that, one that can pick up my voice well enough and can control calls, music skipping, stopping, etc.


I also want to say I've never really tried IEMs and would be open to it, but I would not like it if prevents me from hearing someone near me call my name like I have seen people wearing high-end earphones experience.  They are oblivious to their surroundings and I can't have that at times when I am walking and need to be semi-alert of my surroundings.


Thank you so much in advance.  I am completely lost looking at different models online.

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I'd recommend Ultimate Ears UE 350; you can find it on Amazon for $50. It doesn’t have a microphone, but I think it is the best sounding earphone for that price.


Maybe somebody can help recommend a good mic earphone.


P.S. I don't think frugal means cheap, if more people are frugal, the economy would be in a much healther state.

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Thanks for the reply.  Like I said, however, a microphone is pretty essential because I am so used to using one by now.  Any other suggestions?

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Found the Ultimate Ears 350vi. It is the same as above with added mic (Amazon link).


And here is a review from iLounge, “hip hop in particular—will find what they’re looking for here”  seem to fit your genre nicely.

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You could do something like the PFE 022 with a coupon for around $95 or so. You might be able to find a good deal on it or the 122 with some digging. I like the mic in the PFE and it's the only iem I have used with a mic so far that didn't feel weird while talking and they are very clear. There's also the UE600 - controls worked well but I don't remember call quality. There's also the Apple in ears for $50/60-79 but I have not personally tried them. Mentioned as they fit in your budget.
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022s would fit the bill nicely actually, they fit your musical tastes as well.  They do isolate, but not too much.  Brainwavz M4s would be another idea, but they do isolate a little more than the 022s. 

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Thanks for everything so far.  I plan to take all the suggestions, do some research tonight and then order them tomorrow.  Any more thoughts?

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any more opinions to consider?

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JVC FR-201. Same as the FX101, i believe, which sound absolutely fantastic for the dollar. I'm fairly certain the mic is compatible, although i have no idea how good it is.





you might be able to find ADDIEMs "apple duel driver iems" or "apple in ear with inline mic" for $25-50 on ebay, which are a superb deal as well. I got a pair (now extinct) on ebay a couple years ago that were quite cheap and served the purpose well. You won't find dual driver IEMs that cheap anywhere else, i don't think.

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last bump before I research and decide tonight.  Everyone has been very helpful.  I am leaning towards the inexpensive ones.  Will let you know what I decide and how I like them when I get them.  Thanks.

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Can anyone speak to the difference between the 022s and 122s?  I am hopefully going to be able to try them out later today and I want to know what to look for.  Going to listen on my own, then read what you have to say and see if I could tell the same thing.  Then I'll purchase them tonight. Thanks!

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