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Will use it for travel (in the hotel room etc).

No walking streets or running or so.., not sure mostly due to the size/weight and isolation or the mere strange apearance wearing them :-) They are pretty ugly on the head!



find this with the digital iPad/iPhone interface very nice Fostex HP-P1. but when you get tired of the Apple stuff? what then?

I love the sound of the Just Audio AHA-120 but no DAC.


and the ibasso D12 is very flexible but no Digital Apple interface, and not the sound of the Just Audio AHA-120.

CentranceDAC sounds great, little weak but no battery.


if just CentrenceDac Mini CX would fit in the pocket and use batteries.. wow!!


Any recommendations of what to look for?


right now the headphone out of iPhone4S and iPad2 works for now, runs the LCD-2 better than i could have imagined.