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Best Desktop Amp to pair with my Audioengine D1?

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I am a real newbie who has purchased an audioengine D1 to enhance the listening experience using my laptop.  I have also purchase dGrado SR80i and ATH M50 headphones.  I have really enjoy the contrast between the open and closed back sounds as I rediscover my CD collection - downloaded using Lossless to my ITunes.  My collection is mostly acoustic, classical and jazz; however, I a wide variety of music.   I'd like to get some passive bookshelf speakers to use with my computer.  Will the amp function of the D1 "drive" the speakers (P4s or Sony or Daytons?) or will I need a dedicated amp?  If I do need an amp can I run my D1 through the amp to the speakers to use the external DAC in the D1?  I know this is a incredibly elementary question but I am really ignorant in this arena.  Any thoughts or advise will be much appreciated.

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The D1 has a headphone amp section and for passive speakers you need a stereo amp at the very least tongue_smile.gif Yes feeding "analog output" from the D1 to a stereo amp means DAC duties are handled by the D1. In short source-->D1 (optical or usb input) ----> Amp (D1 analog out to amp analog in) --> speakers. As for amps options i would say for nearfield/PC Audio you'd be looking at T-Amps but dun disregard blast from the past vintage/classic amps if you can find em cheap in the used market L3000.gif

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trog, thanks for the information.  I'll look at the T-Amps and the used market. 

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Yep u are welcomed L3000.gif

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Audioengine N22 desktop amplifier.


Reviewed at: http://www.avguide.com/review/audioengine-n22-desktop-audio-amplifier-playback-45


Update: Unless you are using unpowered speakers, would go for Modi dac with Project Ember instead. Ember has variable level pre out to drive powered speakers. Modi dac is great, if you can get by without optical.

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Thanks.  I have looked at the N22 and the P4 speakers.  Presently I have ordered a $30.00 T amp  and some inexpensive speakers.  I want to experiment with hook up, placement , etc before I invest in better speakers and a more powerful amp.  I really like my D1 with headphones so I am predisposed to get the N22 when I upgrade.  Thanks again.  

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I am using the D1 with my Objective 2. I know your thinking that has no RCA in and your right. I am using your standard mini to mini interconnect and let me tell you, going FLAC on my iMac to the D1 to the O2 and then finally to my Senn HD580 is as good as i have eve heard ;)

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Looking forward to hearing the D1.
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