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Tube cmoy

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i saw this on ebay, a cmoy driven by a tube, claims to give it a "warm" sound... i need someone who has this to tell me whether or not this is worth $50?
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You should try this, I think I might.

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oh wow someone responded lol! yeah it looked interesting

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I may have to try this one out sometime soon.

I have a Bravo tube amp in the office rig right now, and enjoy it quite a lot.


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I think Fred_Fred is a member of this forum who makes that amplifier along with others, so you may want to try asking him what is like.

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yeah but i want to hear the opinions of he people not trying to sell the product, either way i'm just happy people are finally starting to pay attention to this thread lol

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A tiny tube amp? NIce. I am going to try it too.

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great! can't wait to hear what you guys all think of it, i would join in but i'm poor lol

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