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Portables for gym use?

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I've been reading around the forum for some time now and finally decided to join as I'm having trouble narrowing down my search (despite spending quite a while researching).


My criteria is fairly simple.  I don't get along with IEM's (have tried several mid-rangers and all have annoyed my ears) so I'm going with portable 'phones.


I like headphones which have a focus on low/mid bass and I listen to a lot of heavy rock, drum and bass, hard dance.


They'll be for use primarily in a gym environment, or commuting, and as such need to have decent isolation and be fairly robust while at the same time being small enough as to not get in the way while lifting weights.


Budget wise I have anywhere up to £150 to spend.  The 'phones won't be amped.


I have considered a few options but can't pin anything down...all of them seem to have big drawbacks.  M80's, HD25-1's are at the top of my list at the moment.


Any help would be appreciated.



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HD 25-1-II definitely .... small, rugged, good isolation, fits your music taste (fast sounding with good bass) properly and is in your budget !

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Anything on ear and over ear will make them sweat bad at the gym! I personally wouldn't take my hd 25 to the gym for that reason, there has to be a iem that will work for you. Maybe just simple apple type ear buds that don't necessarily go into the ear canal?

Just my 2 cents, best of luck on your search.
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