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Either date works for me.  As I said before I can bring a laptop.  I'll also be bringing.


Sennheiser HD480

Sennheiser MM400

Sennheiser PXC450 

Shure E2C (if I can find them)

JVC HA-FXD80 (I believe I am ordering them friday)

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Sorry folks for not being more involved with the planning.  I would still love to come though I only have IEMs to share.  If the show will go on I am in.

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Of course, the more the merrier. Looking forward to the end of the month.

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So, we have myself, tf1216, sancmat, and viveksaikia22 are in.  Who else do we have?

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Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the 29th. :(

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Well, we will just have to make sure that this one goes well.  That way we can have another one for you to attend.

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I'm looking forward to it.

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i can't make it either.  enjoy!

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Dang, I am really sorry to hear that fishski13.  That is quite an arsenal you have!

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Just wanted to say i'm over in Minneapolis (55418 area). Got the XB-1000's/Aviators/Noontec Zoro, and the A700.

If anyone wants to meet up, let me know.




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We are having a meet on Saturday the 29th.  All are welcome.

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Originally Posted by moviedave View Post

So, we have myself, tf1216, sancmat, and viveksaikia22 are in.  Who else do we have?

Unfortunately, I'll have to opt out of 29th, as wifey has made plans for Duluth on that weekend.

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GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  OK, how about this, everyone list what weekends you would be available through November.  We will find a day that will work! 

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I really hope so, just found out about a retirement party I'll have to hit up on the 29th.
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I might be interested in this too.

beyerdynamics mx300

bellari ha540


(first post)

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