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Any suggestions on a location? I live in a small townhouse... not really suited for many people lol

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Actually I talked to Ken @ the needle doctor in St louis park and he is open to having a meet at his shop OR at a coffee shop where he knows the owners. They carry the complete Grado line in stock to see. Super nice people. Now we just need a date and time. What works for you guys?

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I'm pretty open on dates.  I keep meaning to run by his shop anyway.  Sounds like a good excuse!

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if I can get some more people on here to chime in and pick a time we'll do it! (I figure six or so of us is a good number) Otherwise a mini meet is in order!


SO we have 2 myself, and speakerphile


c'mon people! Minneapolis needs good sound, and good people to share it with!

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Most Saturday will work for me but has to be mid-day to have enough time to make the drive

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I have a pretty standard 9-5, M-F.  Other than that, I will make sure I am open! 

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I have pretty normal hours too, I do travel a bit though for work. Im gonna give this a bit for people to see this/get on board so we have a head count greater then 3 lol

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Depending on when this is I may be able to drive down from 'da nort' country.  Roseau, so would be best if it was a weekend for me, too.


Check my profile for gear I could bring...

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I'm thinking a Saturday would be best, late July/ early August?

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Should we set a date and start an official thread?  We may not get a lot of local attention without it.

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let me look at my travel schedule tomorrow and see when ill be in town. (I'll be in devils lake nd for 2 weeks soonish I believe)

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How does July 20th sound?
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Originally Posted by kvtaco17 View Post

How does July 20th sound?

Works for me. 

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OP here.  Sorry for disappearing from this thread for a while.  I am still contacting folks for a venue and to participate in our day of fun.  I think I can make the 20th and I would be bringing my laptop setup with the JH3A.  I may have a DIY DAC based off of the the SB3 to the event as well.

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