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Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

They are internet based and high end....

I purchased WireWorld products from here.  It was a very pleasant experience.  The operator/owner is a super nice guy.

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If it's nearby the Twin Cities, I'm in as well.  I've never done this before, but I'm looking forward to it

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I would be interested now that I have some half-decent gear to show. I don't have a car, so my attendance would be dependent on being able to put my stuff in a suitcase and get there via public transportation.

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my post code is 55454 anyone close to my apt?

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Never been to one, but would be interested to check it out, although I don't yet have a decent setup to share. Heh, working on that. Live in S St. Paul.
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I still haven't ever been to a meet before, and would be interested in trying it out at least once. I just ordered the Audeze LCD-3, which should arrive tomorrow, to go with my current HiFiMan HE-500. While my interest was to listen to an Audeze headphone, and that no longer will be the case, I still don't have that much for amps, so would love to try whatever anyone else can bring along.

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i have a lcd 2.2 with schiit lyr amp.i would like to listen lcd3 with my amp. where are you located? i live around uofm
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I'm in the Rochester area. Ever come down this way? I usually make it up to the Cities about once a month, but only available in the evenings. I wouldn't mind trying out the Lyr with the HE-500 or the LCD-3. What tubes do you have?


This would also be a good opportunity to compare the HE-500 vs. LCD-2.2 and the LCD-2.2 vs. LCD-3. 


Anyone else interested that can add to this?

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tubes list:

70s amperex orange globe,

vintage siemens 3mica

stock tube

matsu****as e88cc

Russian 623np


but I will out of town soon and I will back in September so if we can not meet in next two week, we will need to meet in September

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We should organize a small meet, I'm super excited to hang out and talk head FI!
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I'm game.  Unfortunately, I am too busy these days to help much with organizing it.  I do have some equipment to bring though.  Just let me know where and when!

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I could try to organize it lol anyone a grado fan?
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Originally Posted by kvtaco17 View Post

I could try to organize it lol anyone a grado fan?

I am, but admittedly have only listened to the SR60i & SR80i!

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Lol me too! I have a PS500, MagV5 (its leaving soon...) and a SR225i that has been super modded!

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Was interested in coming to meet others
I am 4 hours away but I might actually make it if it is not my weekend to work
Getting rid of stuff so not sure what I will have to bring
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