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IC: Headphone in Minnesota

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Hey guys,


How many MN, ND, and SD folks do we have in here in 2012?  Any interest in meeting up to share our headphone gear?


I went on Audeze's website to see that they have a dealer in MN at 7232 Hunters Run, Eden Prairie, MN 55346.  If there is enough interest I could call him to see if he would like to be involved.  Also, Alclair is a local MN company that might like to take part.  I was also thinking about contacting home audio folks that sell audio products worldwide.  We have a lot of manufacturers within the Twin Cities.  What do you all say?



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I will be interested , as long as gals are allowed too biggrin.gif

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The more the merrier.  I will try to get my girlfriend to come  redface.gif

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I's down, but maybe it's better to start off planning a small meet and then call up vendors after there's some confirmed interest.
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i agree.  


i'm game as well.  i would also consider hosting it depending on the amount of people.  i live in Maple Grove.  


i work every other weekend and have to work around my wife's schedule, including my 4 and 2 year old.       

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Anymore interested parties?
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I know I am late to this party, but I would be very interested.  I don't have that much to share (K550, ODAC, cMoy), but I would bring what I have.  I am especially interested in getting to hear the ALO National or the RSA SR-71A.

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Come on Minneapolis folks  :  )  Any more of you out there?

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I will try to come, no guarantees though.

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Well, try setting a date and going from there.  What does everyone have to bring?

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and I live in an apartment in the south metro.  I could reserve my building's party room.

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Count me in. I live in South MPLS.

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Suppose we tried to do something September 1st?

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I am interested too but would like to know the date and location, just to make sure than I can make it!

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I would be interested, I live in Anoka. just say when and where.

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