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Originally Posted by CedricE View Post

I have this exact problem with my Fiio E7 amp. When I use it with my iphone through the iphone doc the sound is amazing and the bass very clean. When I plug it in through the usb port on my computer, the bass gets fuzzy and not as clean. The equalizer on itunes is off so that can't be the problem. In the third picture that hendersondayton showed earlier in this thread, I have the sample rate and bit depth set to the highest possible for my amp.

If anybody can help me I would really appreciate it!





The iPhone dock is a line out using the iPhone's dac. The computer is using the E7's dac.

I guess its the E7's DAC that's causing the fuzziness.

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I seriously doubt that the Fiio E7 DAC is worse than the iPhone's. I think the problem is in my computer's software but I have no idea how to fix it. I would really appreciate any help!




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I've figured it out. It's itunes that's interfering with the music before it gets to the dac in the fiio e7. Unfortunately, itunes doesn't have the option that lets me disable the volume control so all I have to do is turn the volume down as low as it goes and the bad sound isn't very noticeable. Frigin itunes...

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I apologize for resurrecting this thread, but I have been experiencing a few hiccups with my portable setup. I am running a Fiio e7 out of my iphone 4 playing mostly lossless music. The problem is the connection between the amp and the iphone. I am using the stock line out cable, and whenever the cord is moved our bumped, it causes a harsh clicking sound. This is a particularly significant problem when walking with my phone in my pocket. When I walk, the cable moves around causing the clicking noise, it's damn near unbearable. Does anybody know if buying the L9 line out dock cable will fix this problem?

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I'm going to disagree here. I believe the issue is with your PC and I have a very simple question - what OS are you running? If it's Win7 64 I would not be surprised?

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