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Aune T1

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Has anyone tested out the Aune T1 yet?



In general, I've liked Aune's products: good sound and sleek design. I like the looks of this new tube headphone amp, though I am curious whether or not it has an on/off switch hidden somewhere (why do so many designers forgo that obvious feature?). EDIT: It does have an On/Off switch located on the back. Based solely on the input selection, I fear this model may prove slightly limiting: it only has USB and RCA in; the limitation does allow it to keep its small size and attractive styling, but I can't help but think that a SPDIF-in might have sweetened the deal a little bit.


Regardless, I'm curious if anyone has had a chance to try out this new headphone USB-DAC/desktop amp yet, and if so, what are your impressions?

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Anyway I did some research and found this:


Looks like an initial review and then a follow up....It looks like a solid build and looks pretty cool as well.

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A ton of people have this over on rock grotto, but does anyone have it here?? I really want to get one but need more personal reviews about it.

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Why is everyone hear at head-fi so silent about this product?  I am trying to decide between this and the Hi-Fi Man EFA??


I’d love to hear firsthand experiences?  Comparisons? Anything other than a possibly biased web review??

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