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alright so the main reason for the new phone is the headphone port on my iphone broke, but now i'm thinking would it better to get a fio e7 amp for 100$ can and using the line out on my iphone rather the spending the 70$ for the sansa clip plus the micro sd

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Originally Posted by Djchase View Post

My $0.02
I come from a family where everyone competes on technology. we have all had i-phones, samsung galaxy's, nexus, Ipads, Galaxy tabs, sony tabs, you name it.
Personally for me, the best Audio i have heard from a Portable Device, is the HTC ONE X.
Depending on the genre of music you listen too, there is an array of EQ settings (beats by dre - dont be turned off as they are just EQ settings which sound better than the EQ i had on my Samsung K3 player) you can adjust to get the sound you require.
Great for Rock, Hip Hop and Dance.

That's available for most mobiles that have developer support nowadays.

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That's good idea because iPhone lineout sound much better when pair with external Amps and i will recommend the Fiio E11+ L3 LOD.

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i'm thinking more towards either the e7 or e17

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I get to use a range of devices- and I enjoy music, of a wide range. The best for me is still a decent triple driver with a dedicated player (like the cowon s9 whcih you can get quite ceaply now). However, phonewise the best I've come across is the HTC One X (beating the Samsung S3, iPhone 4s (though not the iPhone 5 which has better audio than the iPhone 4S) and xperias. Obviously, the head set you use makes a difference- soundmagics at one end are relatively cheap but still pretty good. But I've yet to find a phone that can match a dedicated decent mp3 player (well flac player). The other option I tried was the new iPod nano. It's better than any of the phones - and if you stick with lossless not that bad compared to even the cowons. The big plus is the size (tiny) makes it handy- no need to worry about lock screens, and means my phone battery can be sued for sensible things like email, browsing, camera, even making calls! Best thing though is to try them if you can. If you take an sd card with music and your earphones to a phone shop some of them will let you try them out so you can compare. Or worse case find online music and listen and compare.

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