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hello people

i just want to ask you people how you feel.when some of your favourite songs from the 70,s to 90,s played with a good setup.How do you feel? for me itu actually an epic experience.Im a huge fan of queen and freddie's voice is really 'life' like.

the purpose of this thread is to share your experience with other Head Fiers regarding their favourite Bands and song from the 70,s to 90,s,and please tell us your favourite band/artist,Their songs,and what set up do you use. im gonna start up first



1.We will rock you

2.we are the champion

3.Dont stop me now

4.i wanna break free

5.Killer queen

6.Another one bites the dust

7.Bohemian Rhapsody ( my most favourite song)



Fiio e 11

Shure SE 535