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 Hey everyone,


 Anyone given these a bash?


 I've seen a demo with one of these on a Luxman D-06 SACD player - the guy after one play (D06 was on a plain wooden

 table) then picked up the Luxman and placed it on 3 x Nordost AC Kones - we played the track back and it seemed to

 sound a little smoother - the idea behind these that no matter how good the gear is - there is always an element of

 vibration that is transmitted to the source.


 For the record, one of the most expensive source components on the planet, France's 'Audio Aero' design

 their own Nordost Kone type support for the 'La Fontaine' and  'La Source' - see here




 And here's the Nordost Kones themselves - 4 types - the entry level one is fairly cheap, they surface over

 here in Australia for $70 each more or less - the AC is $99 - the top level Titanium is $329 a piece.


 Nordost AS Kone.jpg


Nordost BC Kone.jpg


Nordost TC Sort Kone.jpg