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For Sale:
HiSound Audio Rocoo BA DAP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Recently purchased a HiSound Audio Rocoo BA  DAP out of curiosity over it's audio performance - I now know it is remarkably good. With BA IEMs, it gets amazingly close to the performance of the iBasso DX100, truly a remarkable achievement for the price.


My reason for selling this immaculate, and virtually brand new, Rocoo BA is simply that, with my curiosity now satisfied, I cannot justify keeping it in addition to my iBasso DX100. You can see that I posted pics of my players in the Rocoo BA thread:


Please note that although I openly admit that I purchased this via the recent HiSound 'Auction' promotion, here on Head-fi, I am not profiting from selling this item. I am making a loss. If anyone doubts this, they are welcome to contact Jack (HiSound Audio) or Todd (Todd The Vinyl Junkie) to confirm this.


This is an excellent little player at a steal of a price. It's had less than 5 hours use (yes, really! )

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