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More still







^^ Im really happy with how this photo turned out. Flash bounced off the floor. 






^^ not a bad shot either...



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Some more...














Koss Portapro sound pretty good off of the balancing act, apparently. 

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Fantastic meet. Thanks again to Tom.

My personal favorite was the Stax 009 and the blue hawaii. Honestly, I'm not much of an electrostatic guy (you guys know me), but that combo was un-freaking-real. I'd love to compare them side by side with the Orpheus sometime and see how they fare....they sounded very detailed...and very flat and even...my jaw hasn't dropped like that in a while.


Also loved Fang's setup with the new EF-6 and the HE-6 (except for the steps, not a big fan)...unquestionably in true high-end territory. The HE-400 was also darn good considering how much it costs. It reminded me of my HF2's a little bit with that slight midrange bump. Very nice to listen to.


I liked the sound from the new LCD3 a lot, but honestly, I think the price is way off. I would have really liked to compare them with the HD800's, which I'm guessing are better, and $500 less!

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If less is more, imagine how much more would be!











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Last one, for now. 






Jude's D4... I put my 14mm lens on it and shot off a few photos. 







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Great Pics Ari.

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Ari nice pics! Looks like my Mahogany Magnum v4s made it into the mix. I didn't nearly get to try everything I would have wanted to try. Can't wait 'til the next meet. I might host a mini-meet at my office in Manhattan in August if there is enough interest. I think there is enough room to set up 4 or 5 tables in a few rooms.

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Wow Ari, you're really getting better and better at photography.  Insanely good pictures! 



Indeed, the PortaPro / Balancing Act combo is absolutely spectacular - though sadly not quite a good "bang for the buck." 

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Originally Posted by Chefguru View Post

What amp did they run the hp1000s on? Man wish I could have made it, would have brought my hp2i

I had a Beta 22 on my setup, I wished you would have made it also really wanted to see what the i in hp2i is like. Also wanted to check out the new flats and see how that may benefit stock HP1000's. Man I got to lose some pounds I look a bit larger than I think I look in those photo's! 

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Nikongod, if I may (despite the username), I have found that bouncing through the ceiling helps because those side shadows from the nearby rear walls and rather unnatural. I guess it was a high ceiling so you couldn't do that. You may also try to use a diffuser. Personally, I have found the best results are no flash at all and using bright/prime lenses (I just use normal lens) with a recent DSLR that has low noise at higher ISO... Great pics nevertheless, keep them and comments coming!
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Really great meet and new findings to make changes in what headphones i have but first need to sell at least some of those i don't need anymore. Waiting for next meet, maybe somebody will have HD700

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I tried out the HP1000's in my Balancing Act.  They were connected single-ended and my balanced 350i's were connected at the same time.  The HP1000's blew the 350's away.  I was very impressed with them.  But you'd be happy to pay $1300 for used HP1000's, while my 350i's cost me $225 very lightly used.  Of course, I could apply the same argument to my Balancing Act versus a different amp...

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Nice pics!  Of course, that camera costs more than a Stax-009, but you still need to use it correctly.


Had a great time. Finally got to listen to the Stax 009 with the Blue Hawaii, the Woo Mono(ster) Blocks with my JH13s (!), et al., and a bunch of different LCD-3 setups.  


Best of all, I brought home an old tube buffer no one wanted that turned out to be EXACTLY what i needed for my system. The impedance of the EE Minimax was already way too high, and using the e80cc tube had increased it further.  The tube buffer is amazing in my setup, so thank you NikonGod for donating it, and thanks to everyone for coming out!

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Come on guys we need more impressions!

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Well, to add to my previous impressions, I must say I was actually rather surprised at the popularity of the Audeze LCD2 and 3 models.  Sure, they both sound phenomenal, and you'll get no argument from me there, but considering the weight and clamping force of these headphones, I personally would much rather own either the Sennheiser HD800s or the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1s, both of which are extremely comfortable, and don't sacrifice much in the way of sound quality when compared to the LCD2 and 3s (at least, in my opinion). 


On the other hand, I was VERY impressed by the Mad Dog headphones by MrSpeakers (modified Fostex T50-RP).  For the price ($300), I thought they were a truly phenomenal headphone.  When compared back-to-back with the Thunderpants, I found them to be much more even-keel and neutral across the spectrum, while still remaining quite detailed and clear for a closed-back headphone.  The Thunderpants headphones, by contrast, struck me as being much more of a basshead headphone, curiously enough, which I wasn't expecting at all.  Dan Clark (Mr. Speakers) was also very generous with his time in explaining the measurements he took as far as trying to improve resolution and soundstaging as compared to the stock T50-RP.  He is an electrical engineer that has worked in audio for quite some time, and he obviously knows his stuff.  The headphones should probably be used with an amp to sound their best, though, even though they have a very low 50ohm impedance rating, and could potentially be driven directly off an i-pod.


Anyway, just thought I'd give him a little plug since I was quite impressed by that particular headset, and I haven't seen them discussed on the forums as of yet.

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