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JAN!! If the HP890's are going to be discontinued.. will you PLEASE stock up on them?

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PLEASE?! Those suckers sound AWESOME!!! Please try to get a lot of them before they are discontinued! Like, headroom is still selling hte KSC-35's, and can you still sell the HP890's?
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Didn't he just order 48 of them? (of course, I'm not helping his inventory count, mine are in the mail)
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Uhh, Gluegun, they are a new model, aren't they? And they look cool, so they probably won't be discontinued anytime soon .
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um, he wouldn't just make it up . . .

"Some stuff I learned:this is all right from the sources(manufacturers and distributors)
Phillips will not import the HP line of phones to the US and they will be discontinued entirely mid-year. "

Adding the content of the latest post from that thread:

'At the Phillips display I saw no headphones and only two pcdps.I asked about the absence of the headphones.I was told by a woman with what I believe was a heavy Dutch accent that Phillips was getting out of the "personal electronics"market.She further explained that is why there were NO headphones and none would be coming to the USA.I asked her what she specifically meant and she said"we will soon stop making headphones and things".'
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Hello Headfellows,

To be honest, it does feel very unlikely that Philips is going out of the headphone business. Consumer electronics always have been one of their major markets (they invented the CD!) and they're actually one of the biggest headphones-manufacturers in the world. At least in number of units that is.

Anyway, as soon as the rumours become true I certainly will put some phones on stock.


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If that rumour is true, then

Honestly, Philips' personal electronics have NEVER made a profit for that company, and they're an EXTREMELY tiny part of the company's business (after all, Philips will continue to distribute large-scale consumer electronics and Norelco razors - which account for a FAR larget part of Philips' business - in the U.S.). And Philips is caught in no-man's land, as far as portable electronics are concerned; it is surrounded by the cheap no-name brands (and low-end electronics from the big names Sony and Panasonic) on one side of Philips' price range, and the higher-quality units from those two big names at the high end of that range. (After all, why pay $90 for a top-of-the-line Philips non-MP3 PCDP that doesn't perform any better than a $70 unit from Panasonic or Sony?)

As a result, by the end of this year, there will be no more small electronics (such as PCDPs, boomboxes and clock radios - and headphones, of course) from Philips - other than Norelco razors, Philips will completely discontinue all of its small electrics/electronics.
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What they probably mean is that they aren't going to even bother importing Philips phones, and they might discontinue all the consumer electronics currently available to the US.

I think it might be because only the really crappy headphones survive in chain electronic stores.
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personal electronics not make money for philips? you do realize that besides the aforementioned norelco products, that philips makes the sonicare toothbrush. also, in addition to jan's mention that philips (co-)invented the cd, they also are the developers of super audio cd. here's a quote from the ceo of philips @ ces on the future of the company: "No longer will we develop breakthroughs and let other reap the rewards. That means aggressive investment to improve how we bring our technologies to market."

i wouldn't count on philips getting out of the personal electronics business any time soon.
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