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Anyone got an updated link for those replacement pads? The: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=770460&Q=&is=REG&A=details


Link is dead now.

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I just removed my last experiment. I had 3 adjusted sizes, but with the T1, I prefer the original sound, even though the highs are too much sometimes. Maybe it's me, but it sounded dull.


On the other hand I’m happy with the Anaxilus modded HD800 for over a year.

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I think I might have the perfect mod for people who want to tame the T1's highs just a touch without losing the air and space that makes the T1s so wonderful. This mod involves the use of dense, but soft adhesive foam that I originally received as part of so car audio gear. It's Nitto brand No. 500, but that's all I know. It's basically like memory foam, is self-adhesive and about 4mm thick.


The mod is very simple.

  1. Cut 8 small cubes of the foam roughly 4 x 4 x 4mm (don't need to be exact)
  2. Open your T1s and stick 4 of the cubes in the cup at roughly the 2:30, 4:30, 7:30 and 10:30 positions (if the cable entry is at the 6 o'clock position)
  3. Close your T1s and enjoy stellar sound without treble peaks, but still with lots of air and transparency


@Aeolus Kratos has also tried the mod so he might be willing to share some impressions here and I am helping another local Head-Fier with it soon so will get his opinions as well if possible


Here are a few pics:


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Can anyone recommend any tracks that really reveal this treble issue?  To be honest, i haven't been able to tell that there is an issue with my T1's, mostly just curious at this point.

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Originally Posted by napalm78 View Post

Can anyone recommend any tracks that really reveal this treble issue?  To be honest, i haven't been able to tell that there is an issue with my T1's, mostly just curious at this point.

If it ain' broken... :D

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Originally Posted by napalm78 View Post

Can anyone recommend any tracks that really reveal this treble issue?  To be honest, i haven't been able to tell that there is an issue with my T1's, mostly just curious at this point.


It can also be a case of sources and synergy, or of our ears all being slightly different

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Often is the fact that as everyone has different ears eg we listen to the same things in a different way, so sometimes our "sensitive" areas to peaks above 4-5k and beyond are not where the heaphone "tingles" the most. On the other hand, a nice balanced system just sounds right! With age and as our hearing deteriorates we become less and less sentive to sibilance and treble peaks.

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Just complted some mods from the last couple of pages, and it really fixed the issue for me:

1. Using a compass, I cut circles of creatology foam to cover the black plastic circle on inside of the cup.

2. I put the foam coverings from a pair of DT990 pads on with the T1 pads.

No more treble issues. Fuller bass annd warmer mids. More natural timbre. Zero loss of detail and soundstage compared to stock. I'm loving the t1 now!
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I would like to thank everyone on this thread for their many creative ideas. Wow, you guys have left no felt unturned!


I finally broke down and bought a pair of T1's after longing for them for the past couple of years. My reference phones have been the LCD2 v1 and for the past year the HE 560's. I also have the PS500's and owned the DT880-600 for a while. Although I liked the DT880's I thought they lacked some transparancy and detail compared to my other phones. Nice and smooth with great imaging but kind of boring. Well, I was expecting a similarly balanced but more detailed sound with the T1 but I immediately noticed the hot treble peak which made female voices sound very unnatural. I listened to them for about a half an hour before I was over it and decided that something had to be done.


So here goes my own mod which I call the "It Ain't Rocket Science Mod". (No offence to all you tweakers)


Go down to your local pharmacy and pick up some cotton face wipes from the cosmetic isle. They come packed in a plastic tube for a couple of bucks and are round and flat and less dense than felt. I simply put one pad against the back of each cup. They tend to puff up and get thicker so they stay in place pretty well. They soak up standing waves and other resonances and do not over damp the sound, IMO.


The results: Aaaaahhhhhh, that's more like it. Pretty much what you guys have been saying about your felt mods. The treble peak is greatly reduced, voices are much more natural, sound is better focused without all of the cavity resonances coloring the sound.


IMO the T1's are potentially one of the worlds best headphones but are flawed in stock form. How many of you guys want to bet that your damped T1's sound darn close to the new T1 rev2's?


I now prefer the T1's over the HE 560's. The T1's still have a bit of brilliance in the treble but they sound so focused and detailed and exciting that I am really hooked. Actually, I think they are more fun than stock since you can now turn up the volume without that peak driving you up the wall.


After listening for a while I may try some of your felt mods as, frankly, I think that they could still use a bit more damping but I could easily live with them the way they are. In stock form they would already be up for sale.

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Originally Posted by dbear44 View Post

How many of you guys want to bet that your damped T1's sound darn close to the new T1 rev2's?


Not many I guess. T1.2 sounds different than T1.1 no matter what damping material will be used. The deal will be with midrange, which is more distant and warm in T1.2 due to pads and slight changes in baffle material.


I've tested your modification on T1.2 and the result is very priomising, thank you for the idea. But unfortunately whole piece of cotton petal is affecting the sense of airness, making them sound slightly less three-dimentional by simply "closing" headphones that way. In some systems the most optimal way in my opinion is to use cotton petals with hole - the same way as Beyer used over the years with vide range of their DT series. You can tame a little resonating highs that way, keep airiness and warm midrange just a bit. The results and the whole point of using this modifications depends on owned gear. In some situations whole petals seems to work better, but still there is negative effect on soundstage and "magic" that T1 have. I think this is caused by messing with interior of the earcup itself. When it is empty, it works like acoustic deflector and WITH conjunction with driver. Those two elements works as a whole and I think it should be left in stock form or modified as secondary.


Since Beyerdynamic put a suppressor on central hole of the driver in T1.2, I would suggest to play with it. In both revisions. I made an "EvilKillaruna Mod". Before I've sorted things out, I've beet trying to put there Westone TrueFit with removed sleeve, then exchanged them for pieces of yellow ear plugs used for hearing safety. RCA caps can be used too if there is no other option available. The point was to completely close that hole in both drivers. It helped with excessive amount of highs without obvious negative effects (at least in T1.2). Still I missed some magic and sparkling together with holographic midrange however.


Then I tried to go back to Westone TrueFit, but this time WITH sleeve and much more shortened, to avoid closing the suppressor inside each driver completely. Each TrueFit was shortened to about 4mm height. With new T1 you can achive for now the best results with small Westone TrueFit tips with green (or blue after shortening) sleeves just inserted as they are directly into central hole of the driver. Blue and green TrueFits are the 1st and 2nd from upper row:





As I said before, it is good to shorten them to the point they won't make contact with mesh inside the central hole of the driver. With the first revision of T1 I would choose bigger black tips, because of bigger diameter of the hole in each driver. TrueFit should go inside the hole like this:






Effects: Midrange is now properly focused and highs are not pumped up so much, yet soundstage with holography and sparkling was kept mostly as it was before. No need for any damping material since Beyers drivers are tuned for using interior of the cup as acoustic deflector and this mod has probably proven that.


I am so far VERY happy with the results.

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I have tried this mod on my T1 (1st generation) with black tips and i think it works! Not sure as i did not test long enough and its hard to compare but i think it smooths out highs. I think they sound little warmer with more low end.

I could be wrong.

Need to test more with and without mod. Thank you.


I have one question about T1. 

Does anyone know how to take apart slider assy? How to disassemble headband?

Mine is very loose to the point that its self "adjusting" when i pickup headphones. :(

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Hey T1 Head-fiers,
I'm kind of new in HighResolution audio with Hi-Fi headphones. I have one T1 v1 without mods, and I want to add detachable cable into my T1s. I checked some threads about that, but I haven't seem any sharing about what stuff would be needed to add detachable cable mod into T1s. I want to have mini xlr cables from headphone to dual 3.5 mm to amp balaced input, headphone input might be different than mini xlr. Do you guys have any suggestion? By the way, I know Peterek can do that, but I'm looking for cheaper option with the same results.
Thank you
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