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What are your testing tracks?

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Hello Head-Fiers, I'm looking for recommendations on what songs I should use (in lossless) to test various headphones and speakers I have.



Try to follow the format:


Artist | Track |  What to look for




For example:


M83 | Skin of the Night | Clarity of vocals, drums. depth, texture, and extension of bass. Separation of Detail.


This really is one of my favorite tracks to test on really good speakers... because it sounds amazing. It's very layered and detailed.



I would hugely appreciate the recommendations you all can give to a newbie like me :)

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Dire Straits | Brothers in Arms | Money for Nothing - Soaring intro, fast drum kicks and strong guitar hook.


Funkadelic | Maggot Brain | Maggot Brain - Sweet guitar harmonics backed by a warm ambient soundstage


Pink Floyd | The Wall | Another Brick in the Wall - Airy vocals and a great bassline

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Queen - who wants to live forever
Song is full of little detaIls and amazing sounds. And Freddies singing is just out of this world.
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Puscifer - Indigo Children (JLE Dub Mix)


This song is the best bass test I've ever come across for depth. Amazing bass. 


Pendulum - Crush


My brightness test. Very splashy cymbals here. Gets annoying quick if something is too bright.


Bocelli & Brightman - Con Te Partiro


My male & female vocal test.


SRV - Riviera Paradise


Just a great all round test track (especially on SACD).

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Thank you, everyone, for posting.


As I am very new to the audiophile community, it was a huge help to get an idea of what tracks to use to test audio gear. As listening is really subjective, it's nice to know what to look for in different tracks so that I can find those headphones that are just perfect for me :)

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Jane Monheit - Shine On Your Shoes - CD is: Home


listen for: the clarity and ringing tone of the piano, the snap of the drums, the warm, dry shimmer of the cymbals, the attack and the resonance of the acoustic bass, the realism and warmth of the vocals, the touch of reverb surrounding the instruments and vocals.

This is a great recording with a fine mix, very well mastered too.

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Beck | Sea Change | Paper Tiger - There is a lot going on in this recording! Prominent bassline, electric guitars, a string section, chimes, tamborine, tons of dynamic range, etc. An incredible recording!

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