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Need help with first "good" headphones

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I will primarily listen at home with occasional portable listening, and the music will primarily be rock (beatles, the who, pink floyd, etc.) I have around $100 to spend and was thinking either the etymotic ER6 or the Grado SR80.

Obviously these are two very different headphones but if you were in the same situation wich would you rather listen to, and why?

Thanks a lot!
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Etymotic ER6 or Philips HP890...

and redefine your definition of portable.
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Portable - using headphones (w/o amp) with cd player or minidisc player or mp3 player.
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For rock, I'd go with the Grado SR-80. Etys are great (I love my 4s), but there's really something to be said for the bass and energy that the Grados lend to rock.
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Yeah but if he wants to use them as portables, he may not want sound leakage. Both the Grados and the Phillips cans leak.
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Okay, for mp3 player?

Get the ER6 and the Koss KSC-35's.

*then* work on big headphones, like the Philips.
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I like gluegun's idea - the Koss KSC-35 has great bass, clear treble, and decent mids........perfect for head-banging!

The ER-6 can be for use in noisier environments (such as a train where you've got none to speak with ).

Though Grado's impact and rock slam is fabled.........

You prolly won't go wrong either way - so don't deliberate too long. The sooner the better, I say.....
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Wow, for a minute there I thought I saw a post by coolvij!

j/k Good to see you!
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hey....if someone cant get the ksc35, would you strongly recommend the ksc50 or just mildly recommend it??
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Again, I won't use it for portable use as much as I will use it for home use out of a reciever.
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