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For Sale:
Eastern Electric Minimax DAC with Downsize Upgrades & Extra Tubes/Opamps (CANADA / WORLDWIDE)

Will Ship To: Canada / Worldwide

Up for sale is an upgraded EE Minimax DAC (original) in mint condition. All mods/upgrades were performed by a professional (Downsize Audio). There's nothing better out there for this price, I guarantee it...on top of that, you can tailor the sound to your liking with the tubes and opamps provided.


Package comes with the following upgrades:


1) Tungsram E80CC tubes (x 2), Psvane tubes (x 2), Siemens Nickelplate tube, Cryo'd Genalex Gold Lion tube
2) Sets of opamps: LME49990 (x 4 - singles/duals), AD797 (x 4 - singles/duals), AD825 (x 2), LME49860NA (x 3), LME49720 (x 2), LME49710NA (x 2), OPA2604 (x 2), OPA2107 (x 2), LT1469 (x  2), LT1364 (x 2), LT1057 (x 2), LM6172 (x 2)
3) Goldpoint Mini-V Stepped Attenuator

4) Acme Silver Fuse
5) Downsize UPOCC Silver/Gold Internal Wiring
6) Herbie's UltraSonic Rx-9 Tube Damper
7) Cardas Rhodium-Plated Silver RCA Plugs
8) Cardas Rhodium-Plated RCA S/PDIF Coaxial Plug


All tubes are either NOS or lightly used. All the stock parts are included too (unused in a separate bag). Extra fuses will be provided as well as a power cord and manual.


This DAC with mods and extra tubes and opamps cost me over $1600. I'm selling for $+shipping. Priced low to sell quickly. Paypal gift or EMT please.

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