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Yes the tiesto headphones look really good. but for intance the model you have costs almost the triple of the uptowns....


Now about the uptowns...


When you buy a pair of headphones the only thing that must be completely flawless is the sound. Maybe it is easily fixable, but still it is a major flaw....


I have been talking to marximus, who has also a pair of uptowns (A very big thank you to him... and he says the ones he had did not have the inbalance issue though.... Maybe some do not have any issues at all... but yes, if we read this forum from page one it seems more like a "dont buy topic" because basically everyone seems to have some issue with the uptowns.... XD


But how do they break trunks? How did yours?

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Mine didn't break. I uuh kinda broke it. I just trying to take the pads off. I did manage to do it but I accidentally disconnected the wire from the driver, so I could only hear from one ear. I resoldered the cable though. It was 100% my fault but no biggy. It took me like 30 min to resolder the wires.

Well anyway, I'd say nothing at around $100 bests the uptown to me at least. They're just impossible to break (and I've done some things I'm not proud of with these), above average sound stage for a closed can. They're very laid back sounding. Very warm IMO. I don't have problem with the cord though.

Don't get them if your coming from the mdr v6. Not really an upgrade at all except in vocals, which is where the v6 IMO doesn't do well.
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The k167 is around $120.
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I like my v6's (but they are not very portable imo)..... the vocals do the job, but yes they do sound a bit hollow when compared with other headphones like the cal!s.

I mainly use my v6's for edm, specially trance. I like the bright sound sig. I think the bass is pretty good (i would not add very much to be honest) and the piercing highs are amazing to make trance shine (at least to my ears). I use the cal's more for pop, rock, indie music. Not that they are bad at edm but although being bassy, they have some kind of fuzzy bass that makes everything sound a bit confusig on edm and for me they are too laidback on the highs and i dont get the same feeling on them as i get on the v6 for this type of music.


About the pricing.... I was basing myself on the european amazon stores prices... For instance the best price on amazon here in europe for the k167 is 139 euros (144 with shipping), while the uptowns are 54 euros with shipping already included. And as i said to you i could get the uptown used but in an amazing mint condition for 40 euros (and i could also get the 440's in the same condition, for the same price).... thats why i was sooooooo curious about them.... i could get them really cheap..... :)


The uptowns itself look really durable... the volume controller issues seem to be manageable if we simply dont use it. The cable looks flimsy, but to be honest, although people complain about the cable being thin, i actually never saw someone saying that they had issues with the cable (aside from the controller of course).


But still.... inbalance for me its a big deal..... i use my nexus 7, my ipod and my xperia arc s and as you know i have more than a pair of headphones.... that means that everytime i wanted to use the uptowns i would have to mess with the sttings to make them even. To me that a major flaw and the one thing that cannot be wrong on a headphone.... they can even sound bad but balance between the drivers has to be leveled because as much as you tweak the settings, everytime you conect the headphones to a new device you are going to remember that you have a faulty headphone...


But i am going to dig a bit more.... from what i ve read and based on some testemonials from people i talked with it seems that not all have the inbalance.... 

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Uptown is a very good sounding headphone (very clean sound) with the price only around 70 bucks! wink.gif
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Originally Posted by xezi View Post

Bought one CitiScape Uptown for 126usd this week.

Variant: brown earcups, musicseal ring, appears to be not the counterfeit one.


I can't add to the SQ thread because of my low end DAC/amps.


But I'd like to talk something about the gear itself. I'll be 

a bit repetitive, since there are already 15 pages of it.


- construction: could be divided in three parts

  - earcups/headband: solid build

  - cable/connector: flimsy, fragile

  - volume slider/pause-play: crappy, should not be there at all with this quality


- comfort:

  - disagree with some posters, it definitely shows some pressure around the ears,

    and upper part, but it's really soft.

 - earbud size is circumaural but just tightly so. And my ears are smaller than average.

 - I'm using it fully extended and I have to carefully position the earcups to adust to the ears.

   I do have a big head indeed, but not the biggest (I'm 1,73m tall). Maybe this could be an issue

   for someone.



Congrats! Those earcups just look SO comfortable, and smooth like a deluxe cappucino..
I was leaning towards purchasing this citiscape, but your hands on made me wonder if they are really that tight. Would you recommend it. or purchase it a second time if these get stolen?

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I've posted a tutorial on how to FIX the balancing problem. check it out and tell me what you think!


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If i just keep the volume slider completely up and not use it again, will i still have balance and interference noise issues? As i said before i was thinking of getting the uptowns as a portable alternative to my k518dj (wich are not very confortable and although i listen to a lot of edm i think hey are too bassy and with too recessed highs). They seem to be good all rounders but they just seem to have toooo many problems...
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Too bad. Although i never had the chance to use them, on paper (imo) the uptowns seem like the best portable budget option besides the k518s (of course there the porta pros but i mean on a full size way). Once again, too bad that they have so many problems. I really want them and i really want to look away all the flaws but they just seem too many and too hard not too nottest... :-(
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Sorry for the late post, but I just want to earn those who are considering to buy these.

After a while the volume slider on the cable seems to degrade in quality more than it already is. Right now, no matter how much adjusting I do, the right channel is always louder than the left. If you want to get these, record them, it is a must.
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You should recable them.  Its farely easy.

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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

You should recable them.  Its farely easy.

I would but I don't have a soddering iron :\
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Hey guys, gotta chime in on the phones as this thread basically sold me on them. Received them last week and I love them, Im new to the audiophile community but have always been picky with audio. I mainly listen to metal and rock, however I listen to everything except country and so far these phones sound great for every genre Ive tried them with. I will definitely recable as soon as my rean connector gets here :) as Ive noticed the unbalanced L/R channel which is quite annoying I must admit. The build and comfort is great in my opinion though, I mean they fit perfectly and I can listen for hours with no discomfort at all. The music seal works to a point however some audio does leak, not much though. At full volume you can sort of make out the song thats playing. I have seen a few posts stating that the phones are tight and squeeze their head?? Mine fit almost perfectly and actually could be slightly tighter as when i squeeze the phones closer the bass gets much more responsive and the mids and highs seems to stay right where theyre at. I paid only $65 and think they were a steal at that price, Its worth that just to show up the guys with Beats and then tell them what I paid tongue_smile.gif. Anyhow after burn in and a recable Ill post with my final thoughts on these phones, even at this point I would recommend them to anyone!



If anyone has some suggestions for cable I would appreciate it! So far im looking on Redco at the http://www.redco.com/Mogami-W2447.html balanced mic cable....planning on removing the sheath so I can braid 4 wires together and put them in a teflex or similar sheath....what do you guys think?

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